Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by antphilip, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm currently looking to get a little extra background in certain science A-levels and was hoping some of you may be able to advise me as to the best route.

    Would I be best going through a local college/access school or do people know of good online courses? (If possible?) A bit clueless I have to say as it's been years since I did my original courses and they were done in the mainstream.

    Any help appreciated...
  2. Hey antphilip,

    What exact info are you looking for? I'm doing Chem, Bio and Phys A-levels at the minute.

    Are you looking for course content?


    Modular system?

  3. I'm more just looking for advice on the best place to sign up to do them, hopefully without being charged a fortune to do it!

    Hoping to hear of the good experiances people have and the places people would say to avoid...
  4. Ant, you're a bright lad so you've probably thought of this, but have you checked out your local FE colleges? Many of them now tailor courses to adult learning so they offer night classes and more flexible tutoring.
  5. I have indeed Dozy they were found, in my and a few others opinions, to be somewhat below par. So I was hoping for reccomendations for distance learning if possible...
  6. Have a chat with the Education Centre.

    They not only give advice freely, but they can assist you with your studies too!

    dont forget your standard / enhanced learning credits
  7. Alas being TA I think i'm entitled to the square root of bugger all but thank you for the suggestion! :)

    Perhaps something to put in MSRs retention ideas wishlist thread.
  8. Department for Education and Skills

    Antphilip, you might want to contact these people, you might already have. I'm sure if you phoned you local office they'd be able to offer you some advice on online courses.

    You'd be better talking to them as they can offer official advice and govt. aproved places. Rather than you being charged through the nose and then getting a crummy certificate that a local newsagent wouldn't accept as certification of qualifications.

    Though Dozy rasies a good point, FE colleges and night classes could be a better option, it's slightly more rigid than courses, ie you MUST work to keep up, and the teachers can offer assistance whenever, whereas online or internet based courses don't have that incentive of working to a deadline, and don't have teachers to help you with understanding. Some online course i've seen simply give you info at the required level and tell you to fcuk off and learn it.

    Check out the Department for Education and Skills website.