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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by robref, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. I've just completed my exams (GCSE) and have a college place in september.
    If I were to turn it down and join up now would I be able to do my A Levels in service? Over however many years I were in. (Grammar sh*t, sorry for that)
    Is it worth it or am I mad? Even if my parents would sign the form (which would take a *lot* of persuasion).


  2. if you join the Guards , Rob, almost definately, yes, its basically mandatory, but I am told it only hurts the first couple of times :twisted:
  3. 'Arse' levels? or something else you're speaking of. Sorry I'm not going to argue but I have no clue what you mean :)
  4. yes, the Household boys have quite a reputation for A Levels, as advertised in London phone boxes, so do take care :)
  5. only pulling your leg, do the A's first, army after, best of luck
  6. Cheers :) - would I get the chance to do them though? With the Education Allowance (?)
  7. Young man, education should come first. Then do a degree whilst you are serving, if you really want to join as a soldier.
  8. you could do them mate, you are only gay if you take it, I've never hear it called an Education Allowance before either :twisted:
  9. College would be fun just am slightly fed up of some of my lazy barsteward mates who want to do nowt at the moment and the social life round here ain't particularly cracking either. 'Tis alright, but wouldn't mind a change; I've not just recently thought of this but have done so on and off for a year or so now. My college is also going to be about 20 or so miles away as well, so was thinking of going for student accommodation there also, but if the Army will train me, feed me, house me and clothe me as long as I work and give me some money and loads of new people then wahey! But it'd be 'interesting' bringing it up with the parents and I also think they'd think I'd end up looking like some of the just started training squaddies (the chavvy ones) at the supermarket.
    Cheers for your replies though.

    Why would I be gay? :) Only asking, not trying to be cocky :)

  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I left school with nothing, went to college and then university while serving, bloody bloody bloody hard work, do it while you can before joining
  11. Fair enough, I've very quickly taken it that it might be a bit of a bad idea. There's always the TA in a few months I s'pose.
  12. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    good man, go get your education, the army are not going anywhere........except Iraq. Afghanistan et al!!
  13. What about welbeck? Or even join the TA/RAFAux/RNR whilst you are doing your A levels.

    Just a thought, as I joined the Army at 17, wanted to do a degree at 19, couldn't really start it until I was 21 (with the Open University) and now I am 25 and a civie in full time uni.
  14. I joined straight from school planning to do A levels and, eventually a degree in my spare time. Thing is, I have now been in 7 years and not got round to it! For your first couple of years it's training, followed by getting settled in to your first unit etc, then by that time you are in a routine (gym some nights, pub with the lads some nights, on the lash all weekend), plus there are always courses/dets etc on the horizon. It gets harder to break the routine and easier to do your courses "next year". Unless you have more willpower than me, do the quals first!
  15. all good advice, and the TA is a good idea too, I was only pulling your leg, you said, could you "do" them, and I was inferring that if you joined the household div, you could "do" as many blokes as you like, which is an old, and mainly unfounded joke about HH Div guys, please exscuse my puerile humour.