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  1. Hi guys,

    Well I went on a insight course to the army the other week and loved it. I understand it will be a lot more intense and more physically tiring but am motivated and can see myself being in the 'Royal Corps of Signals' for a living. Currently reviewing over the jobs, been down to the ACO to seek advice and guidence. Picked up logisitics, signals and clerk but it is definatly me the signals responsibilities and roles.

    Am currently coming up to finishing my first year of college on a level 3 public services course. Was setting my ambitions on a Police officer but no more. However the ACO said the public services doesn't count as three A levels? Anyone know why this is. Topics on the course is discipline, citizenship, crime etc which all comes into armys responsibilities and roles.

    I really want to join the army as an Officer and if I don't get these grades then I wont be able too. Am currently working at Distinction level which is equivilant to three A levels and grade 'A'.

    Anyone help me please?
  2. Because a BTEC grade 3 does not equate to the A levels required regardless of what you have been told. The R Signals officer requires a "minimum" of 3 A levels in English, Maths and Science or a Language. Citizenship courses are not equivalent to any of those.
  3. Thanks for rapid response.
  4. Sorry, should have said try changing your college course to give you the qualifications required. I take it you are quite young (under 20?) so you will have plenty of time to do it. I think that, even if you wanted to join the R Signals as a soldier, some of the trades will require at least half a dozen O levels of which Maths and a Science subject are prerequisites. Best of luck with whatever you do and I hope you get what you want.
  5. I've got maths and english and o levels just not science.

    Am 18 yeah.
  6. I did a btec national diploma in public services and I was able to go to aosb. I was never told that it was not good enough. As long as you get a DDM or DDD you should be fine as then even if they do only count 2 you will still have enough ucas points as a D =120. Hope this helps.
  7. You need 5 GCSE's grade A - C including Maths and English and at least 2 A Levels which equate to at least (180 UCAS points).

    Im pretty sure this is right as my application had to be double checked to ensure i could apply. For those who don't know:

    A2 Levels:

    A - 120 points
    B - 100 points
    C - 80 points
    D - 60 points
    E - 40 points

    AS Levels

    A - 60 points
    B - 50 points
    C - 40 points
    D - 30 points
    E - 20 points

    I have C, D, E in A2 Levels so (80 + 60 + 40 = 180) so i just managed to scrape the minimum requirements! I hope this helps! I couldn't tell you anythign with regards to equivilent A Levels though sorry.

  8. powell, you're correct. minimum 180 UCAS points.
  9. MCG


    2 questions:

    1. Does anyone know if you can keep an AS Level if you fail the A2? Or is it scrubbed?
    2. In case it is scrubbed, would a degree (History, 2:1) make up for a 30 point shortfall in UCAS points?
  10. You got a degree, then you don't need the points mate. The 180 is just a minimum, from what I understand you get a degree and they only use that.
  11. MCG, to answer your first question:

    AS and A2 levels stand apart, so you would keep the AS despite failing the A2

    I currently still have an AS in Latin on a different certificate to my A2 results.

    As for 2, Perhaps you should phone your ACA and have a chat with them, I recall being entered via "direct graduate" entry, not sure if they looked at my UCAS points via that method.
  12. yep that's what I meant.