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I am 17 and am going to be joining up as a soldier next year. I am doing my a levels at the moment and want to know if any one thinks they will have any benefit to me when i join. I am going to wait until i am 18 anyway and think i will struggle to get a job so at the moment going to college is better than sitting on my arse all day.

Will they be a benefit or not?

In what way?? They will be of a benefit if your planning on going the Officer route, but if your going Regular soldier it wont really help once your in.

What kind of job are you looking for?
I am joining as a regular soldier, dont fancy going as an officer. I know you have to have GCSE maths and english for promotion to corporal and above. But would A levels be in my file and are they a positive in any way??
Better to have them than not. I did my A levels even though I had no plans to go to uni. If for some reason you leave by choice or force then you'll be thankful you have them!

Just crack on with them.
They are not vital but if you are joining a corps to do a trade you can get fast tracked through your training if you have the relevant qualifications
nice one, i think may aswell get them if i aint got plans to join for another year and am working part time anyway so its all good. Thanks fellas.
i have some a-levels and my recruiter said they can help you even if you join as a soldier, because later on down the line you might want to look at the officer route even if you don't now, i'm not sure if that is true, but i guess coming from him it will be, and like everyone else said, they will help in civvie street when/if you leave the army.


mate im in the same boat, best thing ive been told to do is stick it out, and get them, cos as has been mentioned you'll never know when have extra qualifications will come in handy on civvy street or in the army, just out of interest what are you applying for in the army?
Stick it out and get them. They (probably) won't be of any direct use to you in the army, but it's a lot easier to walk into uni afterwards if they done and out of the way.

Extra quals will never do you any harm.
Aye, just finish college first. Better to have them than to not, especially if you don't intend to join up until next year. That's what I did anyway.
Go for it, A Levels may seem like a pain in the arrse now, but it will pay you dividends in the future, especially if you join a technical corps at soldier level.

What you probably don't realise is that A Levels are fast becoming the benchmark for basic qualifications for your age group and whilst it may seem like millions of years away, you need to think about your alternatives, in case your plan to join up is delayed or postponed or when you leave the Army and become a civvy again.

Finally, good luck!!
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