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Hi all

I had my interview this week and all went well, been told in with a very good chance and should get sponsored. Anyway talk means nothing and i guess this is when the hard work truly starts!

Can anyone tell me when they ask you to send in all your certificates for Degree, A levels, GCSE ect? I’m 26 and never collected my A Level certificates. Does anyone know how you go about getting hold of them?

Secondly due to thinking that my degree would render seeing my GCSE and A Level results pointless i was less than through when submitting them to the online application. This was in no way to deceive but I honestly can’t remember what i got in some GCSE. Does anyone think this may come back to haunt me during the process?

Not sure on the second question - but on the first if you know who the examining board was you should just need to contact them for new copies.
I need to do the same with some of my old certificates.
I would try your school first for your GCSE results, your certificates are always issued to the centre where you sat the exams. If not then contact your exam body, or check their website. They do have procedures in place to help people have lost or never collected their certificates, not sure if they will charge you though.
If you admit an honest mistake you will be fine, it is not like you have made the formal application to westbury yet so as long as you have the passes in the right subjects they will not worry about grades etc.

good luck!
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