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hi guys!

I'm an A-level English Language student and as part of my course I have to complete a language investigation. I have decided to investigate the language change of soldier's letters home during wartime. I was therefore wondering if it was possible for anyone to assist me in getting in contact we a serving soldier in Iraq or other current conflict areas. If this is not possible could someone by kind enough to send me an email or letter that they sent home during a modern time of conflict?

Chippster -

Think you need to be more specific about what exactly the aim of your investigation is: to compare contemporary letters home with those of earlier wars, or what?

To be honest, can't see this as particularly viable: would you send copies of personal communications to an unknown person (and for all folks know, you could be a journalist, or worse!) claiming to be an "A level student"?!!

If you're genuine (sorry about the suspicion, but...!), then it would probably be best to gain access to letters archived in regimental museums, Imperial War Museum, County Records Offices, local newspapers etc.. Also, contact your local Royal British Legion branch (with letter of introduction from your teacher to establish "bone fides") and ask if there are any serving/ ex military who'd be willing to talk to you about Malaya, Korea, Kenya, Cyprus, Borneo, Aden, Oman, N Ireland, Falklands, Gulf Wars, present situs etc. Once you've talked to people, established a relationship of trust etc, then - and only then - are they likely to consider showing you what is, after all, personal correspondence.

Best wishes,

In one of the forums there was a recent post which included a copy of a long e-Mail from a Canadian FOO in Afghanistan. Like the previous poster wiuthout knowing what you are trying to accomplish hard to know if this is what you are after. In this case the e-Mail was intended for circulation so not typical.

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