a level student could do with a hand!!!

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by chippster!, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. hi guys!

    I'm an A-level English Language student and as part of my course I have to complete a language investigation. I have decided to investigate the language change of soldier's letters home during wartime. I was therefore wondering if it was possible for anyone to assist me in getting in contact we a serving soldier in Iraq or other current conflict areas. if this is not possible could someone by kind enough to send me an email or letter that they sent home during a modern time of conflict?

    David Chipp
  2. Here is a brief synopsis of all the letters I have sent home whilst on Operations:

    Send More Alcohol, Send More Porn!!!

    I think you will find that pretty much summarises most letters home from the front.
  3. firstly cheers for the response made me laugh!!! however i kinda need abit more material to analyse lol! any chance you could send me a letter of yours?
  4. An interesting idea, but have you discussed this with your teacher and gained approval for such a project? Frankly I suspect not. Any teacher worth his/her salt should have given you better advice! You should remember that written correspondence under such circumstances will be deeply personal and private and those of us not directly involved should respect that privacy. There are one or two published books of soldiers letters, and also oral history, from the First World War. These have the added advantage that all the people involved will, almost certainly, be no longer living and so you could safely use quotations from them in your work.

    Perhaps one or two of the real guys who have been there and done it can remember any book titles.
  5. Hot, dusty, boss is a CNUT, food sh_te, locals hate us, kit doesn't work

    SEND MORE PORN, not fecking FHM
  6. Jimmy? Is that you?



    Beebs x
  7. "Hello Dad. Sorry it's taken such a long time to get round to writing this first letter, but I've been a bit busy. We've nearly finished the tour, so you won't be getting another one. See you on Monday."
    "P.S. It was hot during the summer but it's cooler and wet now it's winter."
  8. chippster wrote: firstly cheers for the response made me laugh!!!

    What made you think I was joking??

    babycakes, gimp..... Nice one!! :lol:
  9. Most of mine were like that and cutting off the bottom of the bluey was also useful. :oops:

    Try a letter to Richard Holmes his book “Dusty Warriors” had extracts from letters.
  10. "Dear Mum and Dad...

    You know I said I was just nipping out for some fish and chips....."
  11. Could you be looking for some material for a News Paper perhapse??? Journo??
  12. Thanks for all the responses, hopefully i will be able to get abit from these.
    To answer some of your questions im not from a newspaper, although i do wish i was getting paid for this project!! (bloody students, can never please em eh!)
    I have discussed this with my teachers they think theres alot that can be done due to the oringinality of the topic area. Id like to apologise if i have offended anyone obviosly i realise that letters home are very personal but i hope you can understand im only trying to do my coursework. Any further help would be gratefully received. Good luck and hope all goes well to any guys currently serving.