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Discussion in 'Officers' started by mrmatty, May 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently a 15 year old male, with hopes of a career in the British army. I have seen the army do an A-level scholarship and have looked into it. There isn't much information on this website about it and i have a few queries...

    1. Can I just go down to any old AFCO and get the necessary documents? Or is there a specific AFCO for A-level scholarships?
    2. The official website says they give out 100 a year, quite how likely am I to get one of these spots?
    3. I'm under the impression that I need to apply between the ages of 16, and 16 and 6 months, does anyone seem to know any different?
    4. Quite what is involved in getting a scholarship?

    My thanks in advance...

  2. My son has a scholarship. I've had him send you a pm.

    Good luck
  3. I was awarded a VIth Form Scholarship in October so i'm pretty clued up on what the deal is. I don't know what Combat Carer has told you but i'll answer your questions in brief.

    1. As far as i'm aware you can get the forms from and AFCO although they may not have them on site and they may have to be posted to you as there are some AFCOs that deal specifically with Officers.
    2. They say 100 a year but this is an elastic figure. There is no real quota as such but it seems there is an average of 100 a year.
    3. You do need to apply at these ages but you should register your interest ASAP to get the ball rolling. It's better to be too early then too late.
    4. Having a VIth Form Scholarship basically gets you £1500 pa during your A levels, a guaranteed place at RMAS, free Adventure Training in the summer and, unless you fail miserably at your A levels, you are essentially guaranteed a University Bursary.

    Hope this helps. Good luck and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    All good advice so far. My 15 year old son is in the same position as you. He has filled out the online 'interest' form on the Army website and was then contacted by the ACA (O) from London District, and has since had an interview with him. You will achieve the same effect by going to an AFCO and registering your interest in a career as an officer. Strike while the iron is hot; much better to be too early than too late!
  5. Thanks for all the great advice posted above. I'll pop down to the AFCO during half-term then and get some forms. About some 'officer' AFCO's, does that mean that not any AFCO I go to will have the appropriate advice/forms? If not, can anyone recommend any AFCO's near the London area that this applies to?

    'cpunk', would you recommend filling out the online form? Would that get the ball rolling any faster/easier?

    To be quite honest, I'll probably leave most of the money to my parents to cover some ski trips I've been on :)
    I'm more interested in the guaranteed place at Sandhurst so I can focus more on my studies than getting into Sandhurst :D

    Also, would they expect me to go onto uni? Or would they be good if just took a year's travelling after A-levels and then joined up?

    Once again, my thanks.
  6. Number 1 son did exactly that after a 6th form scholarship.

    There is plenty of advice on the pros and cons of Grad/Non Grad in the "Officer at 18" post.
  7. It shouldn't matter where you go as if they don't have the right forms they will post them to you quickly anyway.

    It doesn't really matter what you do with the money but I would recommend saving it all till after you pass out of RMAS. That way if you want to, for some reason, pull out of the scheme you don't have to find the money from somewhere. I'm planning on saving all my money till I leave Sandhurst so I can set myself up properly.

    You are expected to go to Uni but it isn't an absolute requirement. However I would recommend it, as i'm sure everyone else will. You will be better equipped to deal with your soldiers with the life experience you will gain at Uni aswell as the more obvious benefits like better pay, seniority etc. Not to mention having something that will get you a job if you leave the army. From what i've been told having a degree and having completed a Short Service Commission makes you very attractive to employers.
  8. 4th of foot, I have been through that thread and seen all the advice and pros/cons as to grad/non-grad, it's just that the thought of going to uni really doesn't excite me, I know it'll set me up should I leave the army, but I don't see the point in putting off what I want to do for another 4 years, and get into a pile of debt whilst doing it.

    As for the money, I probably will leave it alone bar a few hundred for those 'necessities' :p

    Lastly, great news about the forms, didn't enjoy the prospect of trawling round AFCO's until I find an appropriate one!

    Thanks again for all your advice/input. :)
  9. Hi I'm just in the process of the Scholarship procedures. Just filling in my final medical forms etc for the scrutiny board. And then the final board in October
  10. Oh right, sounds good. :) If you don't mind me asking was there any part of the process you weren't expecting, or took you by surprise, e.g. hidden criteria? Also, do you know the fitness requirements for the scholarship? :D


  11. Oh right, sounds good. :) If you don't mind me asking was there any part of the process you weren't expecting, or took you by surprise, e.g. hidden criteria? Also, do you know the fitness requirements for the scholarship? :D


  12. For mine, I just went to the AFCO and they did the rest!

    As for the likelihood of getting one: if you put in the effort, and really want it badly, you'll get it; that said, they really don't go to everybody! They speak of giving AOSB passes without scholarships too, but I didn't know of anybody to get that.

    With the question of not going to uni, I advise you ask people who've taken either path. I was once of the belief that I shouldn't bother with uni, but after talking to a few graduates, I decided uni was a better option. I'm not trying to say don't do it, I'm just saying get a fully informed opinion before you make the call!
  13. Oh, didn't see this post. There wasn't really any major surprises on the board, and I'm sure it changes every time! As for fitness, you have a 500metre run and an assault course. Don't underestimate the assault course! You get points for the amount of obstacles you can complete, and you will be hanging out by the end of it! As for the 500m run, your fitness shouldn't exactly limit you to doing it, but I'd advise doing some sprint training and stuff: you wanna be the guy at the front! You basically run to a pole and back, and everybody in your group will be giving it 100%, just think of that scholarship waiting at the end!
  14. Sounds good. :)

    As for the assault course, I've done a few with the cadets to I know some of the things involved which should be useful. As for the 500m sprint, well I'll most probably collapse at the end after guts out sprinting it! Would this be frowned upon? :lol:

    Oh and for Uni, I've thought through it a lot, but I don't see the point in waiting 3/4 years to do what I want, and get in a pile of debt at the same time. :D
  15. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    What will you do if you lose a limb whilst in the Army? Without a Uni degree it would be very hard to support yourself.

    And you're only 15, you may change your mind about an Army career once you're in. That happened to a guy from my school. He was set on joining the Army, had been for a long time, then decided to leave Sandhurst. I don't know the details, but what I'm saying is that you becoming an officer is not set in stone, so you should have a viable alternative should the Army not work out.