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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by hobsy95, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. hello Guys, i have just finished and got my GCSE results and am now about to start Sixth form at the moment i will be taking English Lit, History, Biology and Pschology but i was thinking of swaping either Biology or Pschology for physics.

    What i want to do is go on to study History at Uni then become a Artillery Officer In the army. So my question is
    Does it matter what A- level options i take or should i aim for a certain area or subjects?
  2. Doesn't matter in the slightest if you're certain of an Army career. Do what you enjoy.
  3. Hello,

    > Taking Physics without Maths at A level is very challenging! Parts of the syllabus are based on basic A level maths, unless things have changed in the past 5-6 years.

    > Focus on taking subjects which will impress your University of choice, unless things have once again changed since I took mine, your 4 A levels instead of the standard 3 puts you in a good position regardless!
  4. Thanks for the advice guys
  5. Just out of interest, what attracted you to Psychology?
  6. I did not want to do it really but my Tutor recomended it, she said it would fit in with my academic style of subject choices. but i have no real interest in it which is why im hoping to change it to physics
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  9. I did wonder- it seems to me that every 'A' Level pupil is studying it- personally, I'd recommend Maths as an all-round thinking man's subject. But that may be 'cos I'm old fashioned and think that Psychology is a degree course sort of subject...
  10. I knew two girls (twins) in sixth form who both said - in all seriousness - that they were taking Psychology at A Level because they wanted to "be able to read each other's minds."

    One joined the RAF and the other is now up the duff.
  11. To be honest psychology goes better with your choice of subjects, but if you have no interest in it then don't bother, you'll find it much harder to do well.

    Physics is a harder subject but if you enjoy it, you'll do well in it.
  12. I did Psychology for AS and A2 and I have never been so bored. If you get the same exam board that I had (I think OCR) you will spend AS year memorising 20 key studies, none of which are particularly interesting. The better universities don't see it as a worthy subject either due to the syllabus. Maybe I was unlucky and maybe you will love it, but it isn't the interesting subject they claim it to be