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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by burgernipplesss, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Currently I am in the process of choosing the 4 subjects I want to/should take for AS Level, one of which will be dropped for A2. Now then, considering I am applying for an Army Scholarship, and I am planning to become an infantry officer, which 4 subjects would be most suitable?
  2. The ones you enjoy and will do best in.

    What a boring and obvious answer.
  3. I suppose that might be a boring and obvious answer, and one which I had thought of, but I'm thinking in terms of are there any subjects that are of no use at all and should be avoided?
  4. I can't see biology being too much use when the Taliban are shooting at you.

    I'd still say study a subject if you enjoy it. The army only cares about UCAS points; it's your qualities of leadership they'll judge critically.
  5. I can study what I like then, fine by me :)
  6. cheers, I'll have a good look at that.
  7. I'm thinking History, Economics, maybe English Literature because I find it (and History) rather easy, and Law because that's the one all the fit girls who go to my schools 6th form do.
  8. Don't do economics!!!

    I only say this because I think it's boring, so if you want to, crack on; on the plus side, at least I know what I'm dropping next year :twisted:

    If you're interested, my other subjects are History, Maths, and Physics. If the main thing you're looking for is fit girls, stick to englishy arty stuff, and maybe a foreign language (though if you didn't do one at GCSE, then obviously there's little point). Above all, stick to what you like, what you're good at, and what might be interesting, and you won't go far wrong.

  9. If you are after A levels which would come in most useful in your army career, the I would suggest the following:

    1. Maths, if you can stomach it might make any Technical employment training a bit easier (I understand that the Battlefield Technology Course is quite maths heavy, this course is done by those junior Majors going to the top end technical staff jobs, allegedly).

    2. Given that you can(in theory) join any regiment or corps with any degree except for the REME, who require an engineering degree; I suppose you could say that to truly optimise your career options then an engineering degree, proceeded by the appropriate A levels, would be your best bet. Not much point if you have no interest in joining the REME though.

    3. Languages, if you have a natural ability to learn languages, I would recommend one for A levels. Wherever we deploy in the future, you can guarantee they won't speak English. Given the theory that if you can speak one foreign language well, you will find it easier to learn others then this would be a good bet. I gather that the Intelligence Corps are also keen on linguists, so if you fancy going in this direction, then a language might help.

    Having said all of that, if you have no natural bent for languages and don't want to join the REME, just go with what you are good at, you enjoy and maximises your chances with the most attractive members of the opposite sex (either at school if mixed and/or at university). As mentioned above, at university, arty subjects tend to attract the nicest and sloaniest girls, the promising sounding womens studies courses are populated by the likes of Mili-Tant from the Vis and science and computer courses are almost always a bespectacled sandal wearing sausage-fest with a couple of token girls thrown in. You could always take a bit of a risk and be the only heterosexual male on a nursing or horsey/equine course, huge potential but not necessarily exactly what you want by way of degree.

    Alternatively, do whatever subjects you need to be accepted onto a medicine degree, work hard, pop out as a doctor, shag nurses throughout, join the army, get commissioned as a Captain after about 3 weeks at Sandhurst, get quick promotion and pay of a rank up; easy...!
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You should do A levels designed to get you onto the degree course of your choice but if you still aren't clear about what that is, maths and a language are excellent standbys. I would recommend French or Spanish as more likely to have future value for you in the army than, say, German.

    Bear in mind that to get an Army Scholarship, you need to get good GCSEs - off the top of my head, the equivalent of at least 5 'A's in your top 7 results - or you don't get the cash, just a Sandhurst place, so focus on those for now.
  11. Good A Level subjects which will get you into any University or impress any potential employers are still the 'old traditional subjects'.

    A Level Maths, English, a science, 'and a-n-other' (easy one to bump your average up) is the way to go.

    The Maths and the science will get you ahead if you want to do anything from a technical sphere and English Language/English Lit will get you onto any of the humanities subjects if your Army aspirations don't work out.

    Its tough out there and employers are scrutinising more than ever. They can sniff a soft subject out from 50 yards nowadays!
  12. International Baccalaureate?

    Don't be afraid to get a bit of time in with the ACF either. You can get on various things like DofE and other activities that will help your case when you go to the board. Indeed they can help you get in to a Uni too.

    Plenty of distance learning courses too that could help you. Nothing major just the odd pointhere and the odd point there, international studies for example.
  13. At a guess, PE would be a good one since it involves a lot of teamwork, organising people and so on. As said avoid the crap ones like Media Studies; at a real guess I'd say English would be good for writing things and communication skills, Maths for problem solving, History... you can't go too far wrong with any set of 'real' subjects
  14. Screw PE as a subject.

    Just go and join the local rugby team.