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I joined moved with family back to South Africa, I've got SA and Irish passport so I can go back and rejoin but while I'm too poor etc and not doing so, and stuck in my 'take home'(after petrol to get there on motorbike etc) equivalent of £0.52 per hour just standing in a suit for 8hours a day(soon to be standing about in a suit with a handgun all day) was thinking I could study something part time that'd be the equivalent of the 2 a-levels required in case i ever go back? Anyone know?

I think NQF 4 is high school here and NQF level 6 is bachelors degree(i did GCSE's so im unsure about things here since I left 10years ago) so I was thinking NQF 5 level courses? I'm currently working in (soon to be armed as said) airport security but want to move to Cash in Transit since it's better hours and pays more(I'm not in Gauteng Province so hopefully wont get shot at each week), left Infantry and got told yes by Glasgow(when they got around to me, a long time waiting) for rejoining as Royal Armoured before I came here and had to cancel but I thought why not open up more options like officer entry...the online question thing off the army website is closed till Tuesday so if anyone has an idea it'd be helpful...
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