A letter to the terrorists, from London

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Vonshot, Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. Apologies if this has been posted before

    From the London news review http://www.lnreview.co.uk/news/005167.php

    What the fcuk do you think you're doing?
    This is London. We've dealt with your sort before. You don't try and pull this on us.

    Do you have any idea how many times our city has been attacked? Whatever you're trying to do, it's not going to work.

    All you've done is end some of our lives, and ruin some more. How is that going to help you? You don't get rewarded for this kind of crap.

    And if, as your MO indicates, you're an al-Qaeda group, then you're out of your tiny minds.

    Because if this is a message to Tony Blair, we've got news for you. We don't much like our government ourselves, or what they do in our name. But, listen very clearly. We'll deal with that ourselves. We're London, and we've got our own way of doing things, and it doesn't involve tossing bombs around where innocent people are going about their lives.

    And that's because we're better than you. Everyone is better than you. Our city works. We rather like it. And we're going to go about our lives. We're going to take care of the lives you ruined. And then we're going to work. And we're going down the pub.

    So you can pack up your bombs, put them in your arrseholes, and get the fcuk out of our city.
  2. J_D

    J_D LE

    And count to 10....................
  3. I can just see them now, hurrying to pack their bags....."Ahmed, have you ordered that taxi yet?"
    "Yes Mohammad........he said he'd be 10 minutes".

    Stop it will ya.......it's embarrassing.
  4. The people of Madrid claimed their city back with a humungous demonstration.

    I hadn't intended to stand in the crowds in the Mall on Sunday, but will now do so. Not only "we won 60 years ago", but "we'll keep on winning, because you cjust an't beat us".

    Be there or be somewhere else. Arrse RV anyone ?.

    PS - have we an Arrse banner for such occasions to which we can flock?.
  5. Well done that man great idea, a banner? wont that be taken to be a bit gay?
  6. An open message

    The Germans tried to bomb the civil population into submission and failed.

    The IRA tried more than once and also failed to break us.

    So just who do you think you are trying to impress?

    London will be up and running sooner than you think...

    You have woken the fighting spirit of all true British people of all races and colours - You are on your own.
  7. Might be a bit contentious but IMHO the people of Spain let Madrids dead down, by voting out the incumbent government in favour of one that was willing to pull it's troops out of Iraq, exactly what the groups associated with the bombers had demanded.

    If ever there was a time to stand by an unpopular government that was it.

  8. Dear Lunatic Terrorist Scum

    We'll find you.

    and when we find you, we'll fcuk you over.

    and you'd best pray that it's the police who find you first,

    cos allah help you if it's a soldier.
  9. I agree Zippy, but I think we are made of different stuff. Terrorism does not work on us and we dont run!!!!!!
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    Who do you think you are kidding Mr.Laden, if you think we're on the run!
  11. J_D

    J_D LE

    Ah an Arrse banner. Keep that quiet from GBTD will you! He'll get over excited again!
  12. No, we never give in to terrorism. We just promote terrorists to Government Ministerial positions within fifteen years of bombing London.
  13. His little man in Cyprus is probably knitting it as we speak. It would certainly stand out in a crowd, until wet.
  14. I'll bet they're just sh*tting themselves now.
  15. Ah shaddup you one eyed git