A lethal drinking game.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. I've discovered a drinking game I've yet to beat. Put on your Sharpe boxset and have a drink everytime one of the following words is said "b*stard, bloody or bugger". Have 999 predialled on this one. :D
  2. 999
    you pussy
    Get the curry shop on speed dial
  3. Done this with the song Roxanne. Drink every time Roxanne is sung. Also done with the film Top Gun, every shameless pose, clench of muscle, whooping and a hollerin', steely stare or grimace is a drink.
  4. Pretty much the whole movie then...
  5. Do it as a group, half drink on Roxanne, other half drink on red light. Always a chuckle...
  6. Put on a re-run of the 'undercover soldier' and take a drink every time you hear "he said, she said, cpl a, cpl b" etc, that ought to do the trick
  7. i still think the "Withnail and I" drinking game takes some beating.
  8. Drink a tumbler of Bourbon every time Horatio Kane either takes his sunglasses off, or puts them back on again. By the third commercial break you'll be too pished to notice what a heap of dung CSI Miami actually is.
  9. Well, whilst we're on the subject then, a favourite of my mates and I is the football drinking game. Before the match, each of the group picks a participant in the match, for example, the goalie, the referee, the crowd etc. Whilst that person is shown IN CLOSE UP, you have to drink, and can't stop until they've gone off screen. Other forfeits include, down your drink if a goal is scored, down your drink if you're team concede a penalty. All players are also obliged to call 'goal' or 'no-goal' time at every possible scoring oppurtunity, the people who get it wrong must down a drink.

    In smaller groups, it is allowed for groups of participants to be taken, for example the whole defence, or all 4 officials. Just remember, half-time is 15 minutes long, so don't chose the pundits!

  10. 'Twould be very impressive if the drink of choice was Absinthe. Maybe you should have someone on stand by with the mortuary's number.
  11. DO NOT play this game to a Tarrantino film if you include F*** C*** T*** S*** F***** M***** F***** and others.
  12. Kill Bill? Drink every time a limb gets severed?
  13. All because it's on tonight and i only have 3 bottles of gin 3 Famous Grouse and 36 cans of OLD SPECKLED HEN left i don't see me getting much past halfway :)
  14. Did we all go to the same wedding last weekend?!

    I know, it's an older thing, but the only time I've seen it religiously applied was at a wedding last week.

    The Top Gun drinking game gets my vote. You may end up arguing over what constitutes a "homoerotic" moment, but if in doubt drink it down. I only ever remember getting to the shower scene. I *may* have made it to beach volley ball, but I sure don't remember it :D
  15. I made it to beach volleyball, but we all judged that the whole body clench that Iceman pulled off was waaaay to homoerotic so we all downed two drinks each, and that floored me. My Boss made it all the way through, Chinook pilots must have hollow legs.