A less boring FI thread: taking offence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wm1965, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. Most of the FI threads are pretty boring so turn the tables and say Britain wanted to behave like a belligerent South American country for shits and giggles (or to legitimize it let's say Brazil & Argentina wanted to invade together but we had prior warning and shockingly Westminster responded). Our capabilities look a lot more impressive once we're actually there rather than talking about augmenting a base force under attack.

    With the below equipment already in situ in the FI we'd be able to destroy a lot of southern Argentina's military infrastructure. This assumes we'd launched ~20 tomahawks at selected C3 & airfield targets first. In fact with drop tanks we could easily bomb BA from the FI, easier still with Storm Shadow.


    12x Eurofighter F2; range ~1500nm; AMRAAM/ASRAAM/LGB
    8-12x Tornado GR4; range ~1200nm; ALARM/Storm Shadow/Brimstone/LGB
    4x VC10 (+3)
    1x Rockape Regiment

    3x SSN
    2x T45
    4x T23
    6x Merlin (land based)
    1x RFA Victoria Class
  2. That isn't what is there though...

    SSN can easily get in, and I think we have a RFA there in lieu of Endurance, and we have a T45 en route.

    I don't think we have any rockapes in any great numbers.
  3. I know, I'm saying what we could realistically put there in a short space of time based on existing operations and the constrains of MPA etc while the FI was not under attack. We then have a pretty impressive base to launch offensive operations and behave like a South American country.

    At present of the above we have:
    4x Eurofighter F2
    1x T45
    1x SSN
    A few rockapes.
  4. ..er pretty sure we could drop in a Brigade if nessacery (comadeer half of BA's Aircraft)
  5. At present of the above we have:4x Eurofighter F21x T451x SSNA few rockapes. RIC FIDF1000 Normal SquaddiesEtc..
  6. Destroying their infrastructure and denying use of 700 miles of southern Argentina would be more fun though. Why bother with ground troops when we don't need to.

    DesktopCommander, I know what we have on FI now which is why I chose my words carefully. I am talking about air-based offence activity from the FI against Argentina for fun! Troops don't factor as the Argies would have no chance to invade with all that kit in situ.
  7. HMS Protector's there now doing the Icy Patrolling bit.
  8. Why the obsession with putting Rock apes down there?
  9. That would mean keeping a large percentage of our forces there. Six frigates/destroyers out of a total of nineteen, and three SSNs out of a post SDSR force level of seven. Ouch!

    Not sure what percentage of Tornado/Typhoon numbers you are suggesting, but four VC10s is going to be a major commitment.
  10. About 8-12% but it's more about MPA constraints.
  11. We'd be better off pre-positioning about a BGs worth of stores and equipment on a boat in the harbour (or a land based store if space allows) and have a contingency to fly in a Light Role Inf Bn with the neccesary Engrs, Arty and RAC support. A few Marines in boats may be a good idea too.

    A flight or two of helis held in some sort of storage facility and flown every now and then too.

    How long to fill up a couple of aircraft, fly down and drive/walk out of the hanger/boat? 48 hours?

    Boats, subs and typhoons/tornados can fly in as neccesary.

    But still, what is the obsession with putting rock apes down there?

  12. Tourist photo opportunity
  13. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    It puts them a long way away from Britain?
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  14. Sorry but this is all to late.
    News just coming in from AFP is that HMS Vanguard has launched a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Beaunes Aires.
  15. And I'm a fireman.