A lean, mean, skills-and-training machine

Which British institution describes itself as a 'broad-based, diverse, people-oriented organisation', whose central aim is to 'develop network-enabled capabilities designed to achieve a range of strategic effects'; as a 'major provider of training and education', which 'makes a substantial contribution to the government's drive to raise standards of education and skills'; as an 'exemplary employer in improving the literacy, language and numeracy skills of its personnel'? An educational body, perhaps? Some local council?


This guy thinks that councils or educational establishments provide education and training. Perhaps he also believes that we have a competent Govt.

Sack the journalist or better still find the civil servant that penned that load of crap and send the pair to do something useful like zebra crossing duty on the Safwan by-pass.
but thats what the social workers want us to be. Oh we couldn't go to war we might infringe some foreigners human rights. The army is somewhere we have to put our mindless thugs until they mature enough to see thet Tony is the new messiah :lol:

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