A Land Fit for Criminals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldAdam, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. This is a huge cut and paste but I make no apologies for that; read it and then tell me that it surprised you:-


    Edited by PTP. Whilst you make no apologies Old Adam , unless Theodore ,City Journal or Manhattan Institute have given express permission for this article to be reproduced in full, it will have to be a precis. I have added a link to the original.
  2. Interesting

    An american website trying to lecture Britain on its approach to jails. where the Governments of many of its states hands out all too often the ultimate sentence - so long as the condemned is poor, below educational normality and usually black :roll:
  3. What is wrong with this fcucking ARRSE website? Whenever I write anything at length and post it I'm told ERROR!!!

    No, no one will be surprised by anything above.
  4. It's rumoured that BadCO has attached a bullshit detector to the server. :D :D :D

  5. Theodore Dalrymple is probably best known for his weekly columns in The Spectator and his essays in the American quarterly City Journal. He is a psychiatric doctor working in an inner city area in Britain where he is attached to a large hospital and a prison. His columns report on the lifestyles and ways of thinking of Britain’s growing underclass. He also writes editorials for some of the larger British Broadsheets.

    I think he is suitably qualified to express an opinion on the British legal and judicial system, even if some of the articles are posted in media sources across the water.
  6. You know, it's really too bad if you're poor, below educational normality, or of a minority race. I "feel your pain" as a certain prominent sex addict once said. But when you victimize an innocent member of my community, I want you dead. I really don't give a sh!t what your "excuse" is. I don't care if Mommy didn't breast feed you, or Daddy didn't give you enough approval. I don't care if you grew up in a trailer home and had to eat dirt for meals three times a day. That's not my problem. Your BEHAVIOR has now become my problem. And I don't need any more problems than I already have on my plate. Nor does society. Execute the barstewards.
  7. An interesting perspective, and I am glad to hear this guy knows the UK..

    As a Police Officer, I do not agree with the death penalty, but do feel more has to be done about sentencing in the UK. With talks this week that shoplifters should not be jailed... what lunacy, crack on there seems to be the message.
    My colleagues and I continually deal with individuals that no sooner than they are out are offending again. Prison needs to be a de-incentive, crime does not pay. Longer sentences, and harsher conditions, 3 offences and your in for life ala US.
    The Political Correctness crew need to understand that many get an education in jail... how to deal drugs etc.
    More prisons, longer sentences, harsher conditions, more Police Officers, less PCSO's...
    rant over...
  8. I take it then You similarly want the CEO Enron or Worldcom or whatever given the needle, Lawrence Taylor similarly given the good news - or indeed Mel Gibson????????

  9. This is why if I was in power all the little sh1ts who commit crime would tremble.

    The reason why people commit crime is irrelevant, it isn't social standing, how they were brought up, what they saw as a child... It is, frankly, irrelevant they have commited a crime full stop. If you take these in to account you move the goal posts all the time. Once you start moving the barriers they will not stop being moved. Just like with children or training dogs. A uniform approach where all know the consequences of their actions.

    There should be a clear line. You harm another human being (ie murder, cripple, rape or in anyway affect their standard of living) you should be prepared to face the full force of the communities wrath. (I personally think the death penalty would be good for this, but it doesn't have to be so final.)

    But what is worse they give these scum more rights than others. A gran who stole some cans of beans was banged up, as was a gran who didn't pay council tax. Yet some of the worse scum around are realeased on paltry sentances (see above). It is rediculous.

    There is only one way to bring down crime, and it isn't outreach programmes or more prisons or speed cameras. It is a bobby on the beat with the power to put someone away for a long time/punish some one adequatly with out getting undermined by some bleeding heart liberal do gooder, or by the CPS.

  10. Amazing coincidence - as a teacher and as a community charge paying home-owner who is married with two children I agree with everything you say!!!!!! WTF.... at least there is at least two people with some common sense left in the UK !!!!!!
  11. Victim crime is no longer a priority - I believe that the justice system is more interested in what could be termed "crime against the state".

    Hence the fact that 70 officers were required to remove the banners of Brian Haw in Parliament Square in May, and no officers responded to the face slashing of Peter Woodhams - which was followed by his recent fatal shooting, possibly by the same perpetrator.

    I am sure this is down to Home Office directed resourcing and prioritisation rather than the wishes of the average copper on the beat.
  12. Oh, yes! No 'Hmmmmmm' about it, Sven; I agree 100%! Definitely Mel Gibson for the needle! :D
  13. MrPVRd wrote
    Hang on, does this mean you think that the governments love of setting targets for it's minions, instead of allowing the subject matter experts to do their own prioritising, doesn't work?
  14. My post wasn't addressing the sociology behind crime - although I do believe that as Blair said, You have to combat the causes of crime as well as crime itself (shame he did so little to be tough on it though) - I was commenting on the US's lottery of justice. If You are anything but a middle class white man or woman You are much more likely to be treated harshly by the justice system.

  15. As opposed to, say, a middle class white man who happens to be innocent of any charge in the UK, but vulnerable to being shipped across the atlantic in chains because the UK government are incompetent cretins?? Nope, you're absolutely right - US bad and totally racist, UK brilliant... :roll: