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A&L change of address -statement of identity for BFPO

Recently I tried to change my address with the Alliance and Leicester Bank, despite having more than enough evidence of who I am and a letter from the tax man with my BFPO address they would not me change my address without a document called

Statement of Identity and Address MOD/SP Pol/ .

I was informed that I could obtain one from my unit and that it had to be an original or a copy certified as genuine.

I was told that this was part of the legislation to prevent money laundering/identity theft etc.

Has anyone else come across this requirement when changing their address details? If so was it only with the A&L or are all banks going to insist on this document?

Anyone any idea what is going on as the following banks when asked did not need it RBS, Nat West/ Barclays and LLoyds.

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