A Knife for Life.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LordVonHarley, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. I have decided to invest in a good clasp knife that will hopefully last a life time providing I do not loose it. I've read the threads and searched the web and I'm confused - there are fecking thousands of the buggers to choose from.
    I could get a cheap clasp knife from the camping shop but have decided to invest in a quality tool that I can whittle with, cut green string, open letters and other non warry things with. I was thinking about the a Gerber Freeman Folder or a Buck Alpha Hunter Folding Knife.

    With all the pocket knives on sales claiming to be the dogs boll0cks because the steel was tempered by virgin priestesses in the foot hills of Japan. A lot of knives on offer are just way to Walty.
    But what makes a good clasp knife?
    Materials used?
    Keeping its edge?
    The Bling of the Brand Name?
  2. Then these people should confuse you even more - :D
  3. You could do much worse than a Lagouinol (is that how you spell it?)
  4. Good question, I'd say get a knife that's practical enough that use it every day, cheap enough that you're not going to get suicidal if you lose it, and that takes a good edge.

    I use a Swiss Army lock knife (in fact two, one issue, and one of my own).

    I've had them both for over five years and I'm quite pleased with them. Cheap, handy, and easily sharpened. Worth a look.

  5. The other thing with a swiss army knife style kind is that it is legal to have in your possession. Remember that being in the forces does not suddenly mean that normal laws dont apply. I noted that you are not Walty, but beware carrying loking blades or unnecessarily scary knives in civvies.
  6. I'm trying to go for a clasp knife that is under 3 inches and does not look like it is a prop from a Rambo film or belongs to Sid the Psycho killer. I'm a bit confused on the legals for locking, don't they all lock in place to stop you from cutting your fingers :?

    It's odd that carry a pocket knife was the norm for thousands of years but in todays society it is frownd upon.
  7. Try and find a British Army clasp knife. Its small, not blingy, not pointy end and has a very wide blade you can sharpen for years. I got one and love it.
  8. As far as I am aware (waiting to be proved wrong) you may carry a knife of any length of blade as long as it is not fixed or locking.
    A locking blade is one that has a mechanism that holds the blade open.
    You may carry a fixed or locking blade knife with a blade of no more than 3 inches.
    You may carry a knife outside these parameters but you do require a good reason.
    Obviously flick and switch blades, butterfly and gravity knives and a knife that can be opened one handed (this actually means a flick of the wrist as opposed to ones that have a thumb hole for ease of opening).
    On a side note the RAF have a rule that no blades over 3 inches are allowed to be brought back to the UK, but having asked many times no one has ever been able to cite the reference for this ruling.

    Sounds mad but I carry 3 knives during working hours, a Gerber EZ Out with a half serrated blade (Good general work knife). A Gerber multi-tool, and a Baretta lock knife with a ¼ serrated blade (which is sharpened to 17 degrees for those few occasions you need a really sharp knife).

    I’m not a loon honest! :p :D :p
  9. Firstly, UK Law states:

    "it is prohibited to carry any article which has a blade or which is sharply pointed and is longer than 3 inches long; including flick knives, lock knives, pen knives"

    So this bad boy is out of the question, although it is an excellent knife and I can vouch for it from experience:

    However, for a legal 2.5" blade, try this:

    I know a few guys with these, very good for most tasks!

  10. What I do not understand about the knives laws and their half assed implementation by the RAF and RMP is: If a bloke is moving from A to B in circumstances which require him to be in possession of a bayonet - then his BFOK will hardly make any difference will it?
  11. Very true my wise friend!
  12. used to have a great knife, had it near on 20 years 3in lock blade, but coming through harwich in a hire car the lad there went through my webbing and took it off me, while regaling me with stories on how he used to be forces :roll:
    resorted to a gerber now, covers any use i have
  13. Beware the 'good reason' - cases highlighted recently include someone nicked for having a multi-tool in his briefcase and a gamekeeper with a pouched lock-knife on his belt. Knife paranoia is getting silly - for day to day cutting string etc and carrying around with me a Leatherman Micra has replaced the pocket knife.

    Spyderco make a rather nifty 3" non-locking jobbie (can't remember the model, sorry).

    CRKT are good knives without breaking the bank (I've had a KISS pocket folder and a M-16 Tanto and only broken one).

    If you tend to lose anything that's not nailed down, Opinel are cheap, sharpen up well but don't look very sexy.
  14. I won Rhodesians 'SOG' knife a few days ago in MDN's charity circus….& I must say its fcking lovely.

    It’s got a decent weight behind it and feels strong enough to take some twisting/ bashing. I do like my Leatherman Supertool but frankly it feels weak compared to the SOG

    The Swiss Army knife is also firm favourite too…tiny in comparison to the SOG but just enough for run-of-the mill stuff.