A kind gesture to a fallen soldier

Mancunians - salt of the earth.

Whomever you are sir or madam, well played, great gesture. In this sometimes crappy world a spark of humanity rises above the crud level to glow like a beacon.


Nice article then you look at the other article links below. There must be more good news stories than bad ones, but then they dont sell papers do they.
I was in Northern France on holiday with the family and we came across a CWGC and I pushed the rest of the family in. On looking in the book we found a familiar name and on ringing my Grandmother were quite shocked to find that we'd found the grave of her cousin who had died just after D-Day working who was an Able-Seaman working as a radio operator.

Wonderful place to visit, brilliantly looked after and the family link made it even more special.



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