A kangaroo court on every corner!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Great, we still have some stocks at the bottom of the road, now just sort out a greenhouse to get some Tomatoes growing and I'll be there to launch some over ripe ones at the local knackers. Would it be wrong to suggest that this decision may be the first step in allowing Sharia Law in without much fuss?
  2. mathew Hopkins will be making a comeback in Suffolk and Norfolk I reckon
  3. Really? Will they? How exactly will they 'allow' local residents to 'haul' them if they don't want to be 'hauled'?

    Barking insanity from a HS more interested in headlines than doing her job. The ultimate logic of 'big society' is that there's nothing left of the nation for people to hang their loyalty on.
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  4. My wife will want to be on one of these panels. Justice Chinese style. There's only one sort of suspended sentence.
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  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    how exactly is this going to be run on a practical basis?

    more complete BS.
  6. Fancy being on one of these panels?

    'Mr Psycho-Nutter I sentence you to x punishment, secure in the knowledge that, being local, when I or any of my family bump into you, any members of your extended family or friends. We can shake hands let bygones be bygones and put this sorry incident behind us. You know where we live, the colour of are car and which school(s) our children go to.'
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  7. The hearings will be held in community centres and other local venues. They will deal only with offenders who have admitted their guilt. Those who deny any crime will continue to be dealt with by magistrates’ courts or crown courts.

    So only the scrotes who own up to it. I'm sure there'll be plenty of them. Unless those who boast about it can be said to have admitted their guilt.
  8. Pathetic, even by the standards of this gub'mint.

    The untermenschen treat real courts with contempt, so the kangaroo version has no chance. It's a feeble sound-bite and will be recognized as such by anyone with an IQ in double figures. So a significant percentage of the voting population will probably think, "Yes! the government is finally listening to us and giving us the power to Fight Crime! I am the Law!!" Before turning back to BGT and forgetting all about it.

    When these "courts" include heavily armed, paramilitary enforcement teams to back them up, and can inflict punishments that would make the Pakistani Rangers wince, then we might be on to something. Until then, colour me unimpressed.:roll:
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  9. Absolutely right. BS along with the prevention of abuse of human rights legislation, the prompt removal of illegal immegrants........ Is the sky blue on Theresa May's planet?
  10. Does one have to go on a 'turgidity' course to be able to post like you?
  11. Either the mail has gotten something very wrong, or the Home Office is on crack.

    Can't wait for The Daily Mash to get hold of this one.
  12. I'm afraid that, unless you possess natural talent such as mine, no amount of training will help you.

    Please don't feel inferior, it's not your fault. Just bask in my glory and wisdom.^_~
  13. Oh, and another thought-given PCSOs are being brought in as the first point of contact in S Yorkshire, and privatisation is coming in....

    Who the **** is going to actually run these, are are the police going to have to pick up the peices when these "hearings" collapse into a farce of racism and vigilante farce allegations.

    We might then put people before a real court. You know, with lawyers and due process.

    Oh, aren't I on crack today!
  14. It's always worked so well in NI and has never, ever been used by the local thugs and bullies to control anyone who might be trying to break into their closely protected drug dealing areas...
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