A Kahnt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hogspawn, Sep 9, 2005.

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  1. Whilst walking back from my local pub, a cahp, apparant age 25, stopped me and said, "lads where can I get some weed"

    So, being the helpful chap I am, I said " try asking a criminal"

    He replied, " I'm just out of the army, I really need some gear"

    As I repressed the urge to kill this git, I asked...

    Which regiment....?

    He said " Staffordshire Regiment"

    So I said " A proud Regt with a proud history, dont disgrace it by looking for Drugs"

    He said "I'm not I just want......."

    At that point I walked off before I got the hump.


    What the feck is going on!

    Comments please o electronic brothers/sisters, save me from despair!
  2. I was asked the same question some time ago by a chap from the Donkey Wallopers. Saw him on Top of the Pops the other day. All v. strange...
  3. That's what comes of trying to make the Army more representative of 'society' rather than trying to inspire 'society' to take on Army values. What is wrong with wanting an institution that upholds the highest moral standards rather than one that blindly follows the vagaries of the masses, just to appear acceptable to it's political masters. Widening recruitment to take any petty criminal and pot head that fancies a go can only harm the armies reputatuion not enhance it, I for one would rather work short handed with men I can rely on than be fully manned by the feckless.

  4. I think the subject line says it all, really. And yes, I probably am a boring old tw@.
  5. And he truly is a Kahnt.

    The whole idea of a squaddie getting out and looking for drugs is wrong and the guy deserves a fookin good shoeing. Livingh proof of the dross that is getting recruited, when he says he got out did he mention why? Probably failed a p!ss test, Throbber
  6. he is a c-unt asking 2 total strangers for weed .....

    could of got palmed off with oregano or something ...

  7. A couple of years ago I was in the loos of a club in Gib when some bloke asks me if I had any gear, of course I didn't.

    Next morning having a fag outside the cookhouse, motorbike pulls up rider takes off helmet and lo and behold it is the druggie from the club. Oh how I laughed, twat.
  8. Tim Collins had to sack about fifty Scousers from his Battalion because of their links with the drugs trade. He gives an interesting account of it in his book.

    About twelve years ago I'd just got back from policing a football match and was wearing what coppers call "half blues" (just your work trousers and a white shirt without epaulettes) which are sometimes worn to and from work with a civvy jacket. As I got out of my car outside the future Mrs. Veg's flat two guys in a beaten-up Audi rocked up and one of them offered me a ball of cannabis resin about the size of a large grapefruit.

    "'Ere, mate, wanna buy this? It's all we got left, need to shift it in a hurry."

    "No thanks mate" I replied.

    I phoned up the local nick and gave a good description of the two idiots and their vehicle VRM. They were arrested about a half hour later in possession of the gear as well as some other contraband and stolen kit. Doh!

    I went back into work on Monday and faxed my statement off and spoke to the officer in the case. He said "the look on their faces when we told them that the main witness was an off-duty copper who didn't want to buy any gear was priceless. One of them said he thought there was something odd about the bloke in the dark trousers, boots and white shirt..."

  9. He's out the army, so who gives a monkey's f*** what the waster does now. F*** 'him. As long as it's not a serving bloke I couldn't give a hoot.

    BUT....it seems a bit strange - someone who appears so desperate but only for weed. Surely that's more of your recreational thing, unlike the hardcore stuff - smack etc.
  10. I have to admit I am addicted to sniffing crack, and i ask every female i meet for a hit!!!
  11. Just thought it was sad thats all.

    and Veg, I dont travel in half blues anymore but similar things happened to me en route home on the tube, muppets.
  12. At the risk of getting shot to pieces..... Why is it OK to drink yourself insensible in the Naafi bar 7 nights a week, but not to have a crafty splifferoony every now and then? Does it not seem a bit strange, even to the old NCOs - fossilized as they are with the attitudes they got given by the Army when they joined aged 15 3/4?
  13. :: shrugs ::

    (A) It's against the law, both civilian and military

    (B) You might get drug-tested, then sacked

    We don't have to like it, but there it is.

  14. Yeah, I understand that argument, V, what i fail to grasp is the snarling hatred tone of some of the earlier posts. I personally don't see anything morally wrong with taking drugs - it's your own body. I do understand the misery caused up and down the criminal supply chain, I don't understand the moral case for not taking one particular drug (cannabis in this case) when 99.9% of the posters on these boards - certainly all us ex squaddies - get minged out of our boxes on Vitamin A as regular as clockwork. (Or is that just me?)

    Just 'cause it's illegal doesn't make it wrong. It's illegal to beat up paedophiles, bouncers, and RAF movers. Don't mean you lose the moral high ground by doing it.
  15. I once emptied a herbal tea bag into a cigarette paper and sold it as a spliff for a fiver. The kid I sold it too didn't know any better and parted with his cash.

    unfortunately I had been spotted. I was summoned to the headmasters office. The headmaster had the confiscated 'spliff' on his desk. He called the police and my parents and after a policeman had examined the pungent contents of the cigarette the headmaster felt really foolish.

    I was a dealer for a day.