Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. Dear All,

    I've just got back from Afghanistan (er, I'm a journo, just so you know, but not from a mong newspaper or anything like that).

    Anyway, I just wanted to offer my immense thanks to the British soldiers and Royal Marines Commandos I met out there, not just for looking after me so well, but for all the work they are doing in Afghanistan too.

    The first question I was always asked by the lads on stag was 'would I like some water'? I watched a Siggie collect a bowl of water for the stray dogs that hang around ISAF HQ. Small things, perhaps, but really very impressive. Other troops just shoot the dogs (and possibly the reporters too).

    Hats off too, to the Royal Marines Commandos on patrol in Kabul, who managed to combine a thoroughly professional security patrol with immense compassion for the locals. First class.

    Last year I spent time with the Canadian "Vingt Douze". I thought they were very professional. But I have to say that the British soldiers and RMs I met this time are the best I have ever seen.

    Shame so much of their kit is sh*te.

    Cheers Lads! And stay safe!
  2. Nice post,

    So tell it to the Bliar sycophants who sent them there to put their life on the line to do a drugs bust operation.

    As you will know, the Armed Forces have no voice, only a duty to carry out the mission even when there is no end plan,

    So tell the the world how they are getting shafted.

    How can so few do so much with so little for the ungrateful ? same old, same old....
  3. Bugger me with a fishfork, but lets accept this praise from the journo without any conditions.

    "Mong" newspapers indeed, made my day. :D

    BBR Daily Telegraph reader.
  4. Nice to read, KOTB, but you will now run the risk of being exiled by the rest of the reptiles for having "gone native". When it all gets too much, DON'T apply for a job with Soldier Mag (damned crude propaganda) but retreat to the last bastion of empire, The Torygraph!
  5. Feck me a reporter that knows how to say thanks, a rare thing these days.

    KOTB stick around the site, we could do with a friendly face from the newspapers, might help get some of our points across.

    Mong newspaper PMSL quality.

  6. The thing is though, that if reporters become too attached to the military (or other 'communities'), they can be seen to lose their independence/neutrality and instead appear to be a mouthpiece for aforementioned community.

    Despite this, it's always nice to see a hack who is willing to do some hard and proper investigative journalism in order to get to the real story.
  7. Dear King_of_the_Burpas,

    What an utterly marvellous post! Please do your very best to continue reporting about the real state of what our lasses and lads are doing out in the "blood and snot" positions, so that they may be honoured for their calling.

    The very best to you, sir!

  8. The BBC journalist on the World at One today sounded extremely grateful to the lads who extracted her from a nasty sounding firefight close to a village.

    I had the impression that she might have needed a change of knickers.

  9. blimey, 2 complimentary posts in a week from journos! welcome back KOTB. you're welcome to sh*g my sister any time :)
  11. what a bizarre post sven...
  12. Just wondering which paper He wrote for - and why he can't tell us.
  13. Maybe he'd get fired?

    But well done him for his Thanks
    And may I add my own