A Journo deserving applause

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. (Apologies if done already). In my eyes she's a newscaster but she's been described as a journalist by her co-presenter and other reports:

    Link Clip

    Couldn't believe that news programmes stopped to get live 'exclusive' picture of the spoilt mare walking out from jail..... whoo pee :roll:
    Well done Mira, not sure about trying to light a fire indoors but the point firmly understood.

    (Edit: Just realise it's in the Multinational! Doh!)
  2. Good for her! It's about time that news of celebs and wannabees took its rightful place among the media's priorities (i.e. in the shredder) when compared with events of real significance. Presidents, PMs and other politicians please take note too.
  3. Chec out Vicki Woods in The Telegraph of 30th June.She was commenting on the sucess of the ARRSE campaign to bring our Ghurka VC to UK.I believe that she has a son who is a young officer in the Army.
  4. It just a sad reflection of the world we live where supposed celebrity is bigger news than young men laying down their lives for their country this country is not innocent Jade goody famous for being thick then gets into trouble and villified for being thick great news.
  5. I watched a few minutes of an episode of Judge John Deed last night, it's not a great programme, but he called this celebrity culture " the talentless being pursued by the mindless". Too true.
  6. Maybe if they use Trash News to awake the mindless,and get them watching,then just maybe they might stay tuned and learn of other things that are going on in the world?

    I think Paris Hilton is a total waste of space,but if she is used as a `Judas Lamb`for the gormless,then maybe her life isn´t a total waste.Maybe she could use a couple of her millions to actually DO some good,instead of partying/whoring her life away.

    PS,If she is looking for a new co-star,for her new video......................... :)
  7. Cracking article Woods - slightly off-topic - but am I right in thinking there will be an arrse contingent at Heathrow on Wednesday?
  8. It is disgusting that vacuous entities like Paris Hilton, Jodie Marsh, Jade Goody, David Gest et al are endowed with 'celebrity status' thus enjoy the privileges and fair cushy life it entails for doing and being absolutely nothing. Whilst as people have said there are many others in all walks of life, especially armed forces that put their life willingly at risk for the general public. Perhaps magazines such as Heat Magazine, Now etc should dedicate some articles to sacrifices that men and women have made. Rather than pointless crap about Shirley Smith from Wolverhampton who's shagging the postman while serving meals to the elderly.

    Kudos to the American news presenter who had the audacity to at least protest live on air the gratuitous waste of time dedicated to the likes of Paris Hilton. She's described as :-

    Wikipedia link

    She's only where she is because her grandfather built the Hilton hotel chain and of course that sex video.
  9. T_T, lets not be too hasty. Magazines like Heat, Now, et al market themselves NOT on Current Affairs content, but rather on gossip. This is accepted, and this is what sells them.

    The real issue is when the News, TV or not, put emphasis on these new age "celebrities". They really should focus on real news.
  10. Any news on whether Brzezinski's going to be dismissed/disciplined? Admirable action IMO, but I'd be amazed if she's allowed to get away with it.
  11. Yes, Sort of. Been asked not to go to Heathrow but a reception being held near by.

  12. Fair enough perhaps I was a little rash, just fancied a rant :wink:

    Still it is a sad state of affairs when people concern themselves more with reading about who's shagging who rather than individuals committing acts of valour that is under-reported.
  13. She's not Zbig but she is clever...