A joke for Borat.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Kazakhstan looks to invest in Haifa refineries.

    The government of Kazakhstan is looking into buying shares of the Haifa Oil Refineries in an effort to diversify their economic involvement around the world and to strengthen their economy.

  2. Well that was disappointing.

    I'm sorry but despite your years of thorough KGB training, you still haven't quite mastered the British sense of humour.

    Take two bottles of vodka, and come again tomorrow.

    Next please!
  3. "I like you."
  4. This may be of interest to a boratonline.co.uk forums being... maybe I wrong.

    High five!
  5. Well. A bottle of vodka (0.5L) is too much for a Russian to drink at one evening. 2 bottles are exactly his norm and 3 bottles are not enough.

    Imaging mr.Cohen in Israel speaking about economical expantion of Kazakhstan in the Jewish state.

    Even few days ago it would be regarded as a joke.

    On a serious note, Kazakhs are traditionally Mulslims. So Kazakhstan can be regarded as a Mulsim state. Are you aware about serious investments in Israel from Muslims state?

    Edited to add:

    I dare to say that I understand the British sense of humour. The best joke from my point of view is something that looks like a joke but is a real event.

    For example: after a check in one Dutch jail it appeared that 47 prisoners are ... not those persons that were jailed but paid 'professional prisoners'.
  6. Sergi old pal I think you'll find that the Israeli state doesn't care much about the religion of the states they're doing business with. They do get a bit concerned about states and groups that attack them however.
  7. Btw, Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev met with representatives of Jewish organisations during his recent visit in USA.

    It is a coinsidence or not but


    Unlike Kazakhstan Austria is not gas & oil rich country.
  8. Just got back from the cinema, having watched the Borat film. Very, very funny and I'm amazed that Sacha Baron Cohne didn't get arrested or lynched by angry mid-westerners whilst he was making the film.
  9. Sergei, mi old mate, Borat, is a joke.
    He stands up and makes a complete of himself.
    He would fit in well in any Brit army formation.
    Never take yourself seriously.
  10. Having spent the last six years working with Borats extended family here in Kazakhstan, I think I can comment fairly that odd as it sounds much of the stuff he comes out with does have its origin in truth....

    It may be an oil rich nation but the rate the buggers are going over here they won't ever get it out of the ground....

    Hats off to the bloke. Superbly funny.....
  11. I dont know where you have been RTG Medic but TCO seem to have been doing a remarkable job since 1996.
    I agree with the others and Borat though, camel penis and tesicles are the way ahead.
  12. Not usually a fan of the "make a prick of yourself with a stupid voice" comedy, but the un-scripted stuff Borat comes out with in his film, especially when applied to the gullable septics made me cry with laughter. Claiming to support their "war of terror" before singing "kazakhstan is the best country in the world, all the others are run by little girls" at a mid-west rodeo show made me p*ss, especially when the girl on the horse with the yank flag fell off half way through.

    If you haven't seen it, go.
  13. Northern_Biff,

    You're first question is easy to answer; Kz History - ISOS, 4 years, Bautino, Tengiz, Atyrau, and finally Almaty. Last 2 years here with Agip.

    Not sure I'd describe TCO as remarkable, but opinions vary. That having been said I work for Agip and people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. My comment however was more directed at the local authorities, in that they will often be deliberately obstructive and it sometimes leads one to wonder if they really want the oil out or not.

    At the end of the day though its Nazerbayevs train set and he can play with it how it likes. Me I'm just trash and in it for the money! :)

    I assume you've heard about the little do in Tengiz a week or so ago ?

    Cheers for now....