A Jock started the compensation-claims ball rolling

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. There was a documentary on the other day about a "no win, no fee" legal firm in Liverpool taking up cases on people who had: cut themselves shaving, tripped up in a parents day race and a young boy who had broken his toe playing football. All very, very depressing. There was no sense of perspective about their accidents at all.
  2. Scams, claims and compensation games - I watched it as well. I used to think the latest stories in the Daily Hate, The Sun and the Diana Express about banning conkers and wearing a helmet to climb a 3ft ladder were outrageous - until I watched this. I no longer think that due to the greedy lazy scrounging thick twats who, for reasons unknown, fail to realise where the compensation actually comes from - and then moan about how the schools cant afford computers, books etc, moan that their council tax is too high, and moan that the health and safety killjoys are ruining everything.

    On a lighter note:

    Quote - "Few people outside the legal profession realise however that it all started because of one Paisley lady with a slug in her ice cream float."
  3. Yep.. Only the ginger beer was in a stone bottle not a brown one!

    I remember my grandad telling me he had to get rid of all the old stone bottles that he used to use for ginger beer because they could not check the insides when they were cleaned. From then on, any reusable container for foodstuff had to be made from clear glass..
  4. That's interesting, HE117. So apparently they were still using stone bottles in the UK in 1932?

  5. I found a worm in my bottle of tequila once - can I sue?
  6. Yes, certainly in Scotland.. They were not really stone, more like glazed earthenware; cream with a brown glaze top with the makers's name on it. They were the traditional bottle for ginger beer up until the "slug" case..

    If I recall correctly what grandad said, you could still use opaque containers, but they had to be new and never reused. Cream was also sold in earthenware pots up to this point which were returnable. They also were replaced by clear jars.

    It was one of his rants - it apparantly cost him a lot of money!

    Ooh sorry was I ranting as well - obviously runs in the family! :oops:
  7. What I don't quite understand about the whole compensation culture is that it's been clear for donkey's that it's getting progressively worse and not better, with more and more entirely frivolous claims being made, yet nobody seems to want to get a grip, be honest about it and just say: "Yer 'avin' a fückin' laugh, ain't ya?". I'm sure if one brave soul summoned up the gumption, there'd be many more (of the not so brave) who'd follow and we'd (hopefully) begin to see the end of what's become a spectacularly ridiculous situation.


    PS. Cheers for that bit more info about the earthenware bottles in Scotland, HE117. Does anybody know (or remember) if such bottles were in use in other parts of the UK at that time?
  8. Might have been the first case but it wasn't until the Tories cut legal aid and allowed no win no fee that this all took off.

    I think it is good simply because anyone can now get justice whereas before, only those with money could. Too bad solicitors have made it into virtually one big fiddle!

  9. I think it is good simply because anyone can now get justice

    So an overweight school kid stubs his toe in school and is awarded £2200 - where is the justice!
  10. Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] AC 562

    the first case we did in Tort Law

    have a look on Wiki, its one of the most famous legal cases in Tort History

  11. OH, and the "if theres blame theres a claim" is bollocks too, you have to show a loss as well, usually loss of earnings on most of these things, we dont have punitive damages in the UK as such, only restorative. And the reason you generally don't go to court is that the firm of solicitors who deal with your claim will settle with the insurers for a fat fee for themselves and a pittance for you, why do you think they are so keen???
  12. There is an indication that things may change and that the 'No Win No Fee' lawyers may find it harder to make a quick buck in future and are getting concerned;

    This is actually from the site of the lawyers featured in the scam programme ;

    Like they don't do that already???

    Compo Culture Lawyers
  13. I dug up loads of stone containers from the cowp at PEE Inchterf when I was clearing it (no I am not a Gyppo, I was checking it for explosives). They were for ink and the date they were placed their would be late 1950's or early 1960's due to the archaeology of the empty Tennents and Aitkins brewery beer cans found next to them. They are in such good nick that I cleaned them and polished them and they sat around my fireplace.
  14. ..sure they weren't rum bottles, seeing it was Inchterf...?

    (I am sure you checked of course... :D )