A Jerry can of petrol

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Mighty_doh_nut, May 24, 2008.

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  1. With fuel prices the way they are, I reckon we can flog off a Jerry can of unleaded in an attempt to raise cash for Help them out but also attempt to gain entry to the Guinness book of records.


    How far are we from this????


    Bids please folks.

    1 x Jerry can of unleaded.... :D
  2. Auction to run until noon on 6th June (D-day anniversary)
  3. Thats hardly going to get us in the guinness book is it.......

  4. I thought you all used bullocks and pit ponys in the North, what the fcuk is a can of 'magic water' going to be used for your way, temple offering?

  5. edited for being too slow, sorry.

    back in then £55.
  6. I'll go halves with you

    MDN just how much is in this Jerry can? Full?
  7. Well, my wagon runs on diesel, but if someone can find a suitable use* for it, ill bid and hand it over.

    *Suitable use means something which forwards the cause of democracy in the UK by eliminating, for example, labour party headquarters.

    I love the small of burning socialists in the morning, smells like ..... freedom!


    p.s. Whats the odds that when this jerry can arrives, its about the size of a novelty hip flask! - we wouldn't be able to do much freedom fighting with that!

    p.p.s to any P.C. morons who may happen to read this post. Its a joke numbnuts!
  8. You should flag it up with "As used by THEM"
  9. In fact no, why should I share after all I'm a Boris voting LAAANDENER!


    Petrol was invented for us zone 1 types, the rest of you can read about our lifestyles in those glossy mags you rob.

    While walking to work.

    :D 8) :lol:
  10. Ski,
    How about a home made air burst bomb? just a thought ( I would never suggest 10 Downing Street) anyway, an unashamed bump :)
  11. and £75 ;-)
  12. Well, the idea has some mileage, but we need more detail, like a target :twisted: .

    anyway, ill put up a ton, (£100 to the mongs out there) as I'm sure i can find a good home for it if noone comes up with a suitably destructive alternative.

    Does the can come with it?

  13. I take it, it is a 5 gallon jerry can? No way I could afford that at present....couldn't you auction something a bit cheaper? 5 gallons of molten gold perhaps?