A Interesting Alternative to all the Falkland threads!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Regarding all this current sabre rattling over the Falklands, What would happen if the people of Patagonia suddenly opted to become Welsh?

    The question is ... Would Britain be then obliged to make it happen?
  2. Apart from appointing Lord Prescott of Prestatyn as HoS, what do you suggest we do?
  3. Actually the Welsh come from Peru -- they crossed the Atlantic on balsa wood rafts. For further details refer to the Goon Show scripts, "Drums Along the Mersey".

    Major Bloodnock: "In out... out in, ohh, ohh cast adrift in a open boat, with only the sea to keep us...afloat"

    Neddie: "You're the cause of all the strife, getting caught with the captain's wife"

    Major Bloodnock: "It's a lie Mr Fry, we were just good friends"

    Neddie: "Good friends, it's a wonder both of you didn't catch you're death of cold"

    Major Bloodnock: "I know, I know, I behaved like an absolute bounder and a cad...it's the only way you can enjoy yourself these days"
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  4. He's out of the running.He has plans to be Humberside Constabulary police commissioner.
  5. Welsh in Patagonia? I'm still asking for a serious response to my post asking if Argentina could re-take the Balkans.
  6. That would depend on which Welshman you used, Argie Welsh or British Welsh :?
  7. That gives me an idea, how about we keep the Falklands but offer Argentina Northern Ireland instead?
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  8. Perhaps the residents of Villa General Belgrano would like to become part of the Fatherland?

    Yes the name is real and you will get a shock when you see this is the perfect Alpine Stadt in....Cordoba, Argentina.

  9. More Welsh!! I suggest HMG adopt the following stance.
    Get a Vulcan off a plinth from in front of an airfield, load up a nuclear weapon or two, fly down to Ascension Island then on 30,000 ft above Patagonia and release payload.
    I don't think even the International Court of Human Rights, Health and Safety and Wagging Index Fingers at Dictators would convict!
  10. I thought this thread would be about the Falklands invading Argentina.
    Imagine my disappointment.
  11. Could we send all the Welsh to Patagonia?
  12. Couldnt we dig out Offa Dyke and give them Wales instead ...
  13. Isn't that a cruel and unusual punishment?
  14. It would be for the Patagonians.