A Horse for Rebekah

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. The Met Police loaned Rebekah Brooks the use of a Police Horse for 2yrs,,,why?,,Can we all loan a horse from other police forces?...

    I know that I have lots of money and I would really like a Horse to ride around my large grounds,now where can I get a well trained horse from?,Mmm I know I will ask one of my friends at Scotland Yard and see if he can help,,,,

    Ah Rebekah you don't have to buy one we will lend you one for as long as you want it,all you have to do is pop round to the stables and I'm sure they will sort you out with one,after all we owe you ........
  2. It would appear that anyone with the right facilities could do this, and the equine branch of the Met had obviously heard that she was involved in hacking, making her eminently suitable.
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  3. It's died
  4. Did they? As I understand it, she effectively fostered it, as it was retired. She was responsible for all bills associated with its upkeep for the time she had it.

    I'm struggling to see what the issue is to be honest. There's enough genuine crap to beat her up over without this mediocre, at best, story.
  5. A Horse for Rebekah

    Seems like a fair swap.
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  6. I agree. Her husband's a race horse trainer, she's a keen rider, and the pair of them are loaded and well able to afford to give a retired police horse a good home. I think this detail was only getting some traction because she happened to ride out with CMD, so it's in the interest of the Labour tossers to push it.
    Amongst all the deceitful and shameful shenanigans that went on during her reign, to take on an elderly horse after its years of service seems fairly public spirited to me.
  7. "Public Spirited"? How can depriving all those Dogs, Frogs,Sprouts, and Krauts of their grub be public spirited?
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  8. They still got their scoff, just a couple of years late.
  9. They should have given it to The_Snail. Sluggie has always wanted one.
  10. I`ve heard of flogging a dead horse but a Snail riding a dead one is just a tad to odd for me.
  11. Much outrage in you I sense.
  12. How long do horses live, in general? Would you expect a horse that age to be in "good" condition?
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  13. John Prescot finally got****ed for playing Croquet?

  14. Up to 30 years (normally), though they're considered "old" in their 20's. The missus has one, and he's about 21 or so with an arthritic spine. There's a few older ones on the yard they're kept at, in varying condition really.

    My overall experience of horses is that unless you watch them 24/7, and have the perfect place to raise them, something will go wrong with the buggers and there'll be an expensive amount of veterinary care, food supplement purchasing, and over-the-top worrying. :(