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A history of the Bra

Oh aye, the original designer was called Titzling (Tit sling) was he?
Nice picture but are we meant to believe that article isn't a wind up!!!!
bubby hammock. flopper stopper. double barrelled slingshot.

in my house the actual contents of said bubby hammock are affectionately known as the baby bar, and my nipples are my tit taps!


Book Reviewer
Yeah, mine's got fried eggs after 1 (she had them before one). So you're saying I've got to get another couple through the bakery before I get what I need then?
More than a mouthful is wasted? Nonsense, that is the sort of cr4p that underdeveloped women and their boyfriends come up with to excuse their sense of inadequacy. C is the pass mark!

Without a lot more than a gobful, you are in danger of bruising the underside of your old man badly during an attempted soapy t1t w4nk...