A history of the Bra

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flamingo, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. I liked the pic, didnt bother to read the article! LOL :p
  2. Pretty good one-handed typing! :D
  3. Oh aye, the original designer was called Titzling (Tit sling) was he?
    Nice picture but are we meant to believe that article isn't a wind up!!!!
  4. There was a story?
  5. You had me at
  6. you beat me to it! snarff snigger!
  7. Guys you do know you can get in on the act now You to can behold your own Secret possesion.


    Full story here Man Bra
  8. Flamingo,

    Slang names, how about;

    'Over the shoulder boulder holder' quite evident from the pic in your link..
  9. bubby hammock. flopper stopper. double barrelled slingshot.

    in my house the actual contents of said bubby hammock are affectionately known as the baby bar, and my nipples are my tit taps!
  10. After two children, my wife's chest looks like a couple of fried eggs on an ironing board..

  11. After 3 kids I finally got a chest :D
  12. Was it a treasure chest..?
  13. Oh Yes :D ......well more than a gobfull is a waste and thanks to me kids I have a gob full:D

  14. Lucky fecker :evil: :evil: :evil: