A highly productive day

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RHQ Rug-rat, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. Thank you Arrse!

    I have done absolutley nothing all day apart from;

    1. Traded insults
    2. Write lies and libelous comments
    3. Took a chav test
    4. Played virtual etch-a-sketch
    5. Contributed on various threads.

    I don't think I have even shaved today, I look like a tramp. And it's all due to this website.

    Anyone else that has done absolutely nothing today and would like to celebrate that fact, please feel free to sign below.

    I think Mrs Rug-Rat has left me. Again. The house is awfully quiet. Either that or I have gone deaf.

  2. And the downside of that is?????? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. There's not a downside. At least Christmas will be cheap.
  4. I've managed to do more or less the same as R.R-r, plus look at the bikes for sale in "Bike Trader", then there was the coffee and mince pies, etc. - and I' m at my place of employment!

  5. Glad to have been of assistance. Please call again :lol:

    I've achieved the square root of f all today also :roll:
  6. Actually, I'm looking forward to going to the Post Office when I've finished 'work' so I may get a sense of accomplishment. After that I'm going to a drinks party at the Daily Mail where I'm going to get completely wankered and thrown out by security.
  7. See if the washing up starts to pile up, thats usually a good clue.

    I, too, have done absolutely fick allas today although my missus has shopped me out of house and home.

  8. SNAP.....

    Ive done feck all.

    wrote 3 words in one report and thats it!!

    Thanks Arrse :D

    agent smith
  9. Done much the same after waking up after too many few real ales last night. Just surfing until.....Mrs OB wanted to go........SHOPPING

    OH Fcuk what have I done to deserve this . After the first 20 mins my mind was gone . not even peeking through the changing room curtains was enough until the ale started doing its magic.

    Had a few little botty burps then felt a biggie coming on and as we were then in the prefume section I had , what I thought was a brilliant idea!

    Going over to the lady smell section took a bottle of the most expensive toilet water. Dropped the biohazard in my kecks and grabbing a fist full - walked over to Mrs OB pretending to have atomised the Toilet water in the same stench filled hand, the air shimmering as the arrse waste destroyed the oxygen surrounding the area. Asking ...

    "This smells nice love what do you think?" - the look as her smile (must have thought I was being a loving chap) and most of her face melted and her colour went green to red to- Oh fcuk its time to leg it was well worth it.

    Mind don't think I am in for any Xmas action now as the fuming Mrs OB was not happy at all as Mrs 2I/C's wife was there and saw the lot.

    Made my day though.
  10. I thought you were going to tell us you'd followed through: always a good way to get chucked out of Fortnums...
  11. Yup I've done approximately F all today! I attempted to help with the house cleaning for Xmas, got bored and have sat watching TV and been on my laptop ever since.

    Anyone else bored of Xmas leave yet??? :?
  12. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    yes. but that doesn't mean i want to go back to work yet!
  14. I can black cat all of you: due to Bluetooth technology, I am posting this from in bed, and have no immediate plans to get out of it. :D
  15. Same here feck all done today.

    Watched the wife go around me doing all the house work while I peruse ARRSE. Not gone out the door apart from to mail out my minions payslips.

    And talk some sh*te on the phone to a colleague.

    Thank you ARRSE for making my day whole.

    Oh I DID do the Xmas food shopping online at tesco.com is that allowed?