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A hero is not without honour....

...except in his own country.

There I am, sun-tanned and San-toned, San Miguel that is. Sat by the pool and chilled to the max. Suddenly the peace and calm is shattered by a hideous splash and the sounds of a three year old in watery distress. Luckily with the reflexes of a PADI Rescue Diver I am in the water before she has gone down for the third time and she is on the side in seconds, safe and sound. I then exit the pool only to realise that my brand new Motorola Razr is in my shorts pocket.

For approximately two seconds I am a hero, for my speed of reaction, successful rescue of the fenianette and masterly control of what could have been another holiday horror story on page 5 of the Mail. For the rest of the fortnight I'm a muppet for getting my telephone swamped. Honestly, is there any justice in this life? No? I thought not. :roll:


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careful drying may bring it back to life, Miss Fang's IPOD survived a trip through the washing machine and is still in fine working order despite all the crud music she has loaded on it!
Don't be tempted to switch it on, take it apart into as many pieces as it will legitimately go and put it in the airing cupboard for 48hrs at least. A tried and tested method with a 100% success rate to date.
Fang_Farrier said:
careful drying may bring it back to life, Miss Fang's IPOD survived a trip through the washing machine and is still in fine working order despite all the crud music she has loaded on it!
I imagine there were jokes about too much Wet! Wet! Wet! to put up with?

Alas the 'phone was laid out in 80 degree heat but sadly it would not play. Luckily a)it was still in the 28 day return period and I did not mention why it was u/s and b) all I have to do is plug the new handset into my PC and the motorola software will back up dates, numbers et cetera from Outlook to the 'phone.

So maybe there is a God...so it was just as well we went to mass yesterday.
The question that was asked was:

"Am I a muppet for getting my telephone swamped?"

I would say, having considered the question for 2.5 seconds......... absolutly not!

You have, however, demonstrated a complete lack of taste in choosing that particular model (unless it's pink and part of a lifestyle/coming out process that Mrs Cuddles is unaware of!) :D
In the early days of mobiles (about five years ago) when we all proudly wore those natty (read 'sad') little leather pouches to keep them in, I was at the In-laws when I felt the need for a live drop. I carefully slipped upstairs to avoid being noticed (it's always an uncomfortable thing to dump away from home and especially there) and prepared to unbuckle my trousers. Seconds later, as I idly pulled my trousers down, I heard an ominous splash and looked down to see my pride and joy under four inches of dubious coloured 'water'. After a couple of judicious flushes (well, it wasn't going to get any wetter, and it was way too big to go around the bend) I whipped it out, wiped it on my mother-in-laws towel and hoped for the best.

It never worked again. It was however, still under guarantee.....
Awol said:
It was however, still under guarantee.....
Beware guarantee; some are qualified against immersion. 3M - they of Scotch tape et al - make an interesting tape which indicates whether it has been immersed; and can differentiate between "being in a really sweaty / 100% humid place" and (Little Jim moment) "it's fallen in the water". Manufacturer places on inside of phone case, and Robert's your Relative.

Nokia apparently use it on some models as a bullsh*t detector on repairs. "Are you sure you haven't dropped into liquid, sir?"

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