A hedgerow gourmet writes...

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by EX_STAB, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. In response to Bikin Black's suggestion from another thread, here's a place for all those recipes from field and stream.

    Here's one for starters, perhaps a bit early in the year to get the fruit but you can have it in mind when you next shoot some pigeons or see some plums available in the garden or even down the greengrocers.

    Pigeon and plum kebabs.


    Soak the skewers for half an hour if using wooden skewers.
    Breast out the pigeons. Cut the breast into likely sized kebab bits about 1 1/2" across works well. (Thats 40mm for you young 'uns)
    Halve the plums, discard stones.

    Taking skewer it's pigeon/plum/pigeon/plum etc. Each end piece should be pigeon. Alternatively a small piece of onion stops bits sliding off.

    Barbecue as you would any other kebab.

    No sauce required. Some fresh salad and pitta bread is good. Consider using just a little butter on the pitta as mayonaisse detracts from the flavour of the pigeon and plums.

    You may even get them both from the same tree! Who knows? :D

  2. Not really a fishing question as that would be a different thread altogether but this Q has a link with hedgerows...

    Cycling along the Union Canal yesterday I met quite a few lads who were out fishing for pike.

    Not a fish I've eaten since I was a nipper, so can't say I really remember it.

    Is it any good?
  3. Full of bones...
  4. Ate a 5lb pike from the Shannon once; texture and taste was similar to boiled newspaper. I've also eaten perch from the same source; one batch was really delicious, but don't know why they were different. I'm not sure I'd want to eat anything from the Grand Union Canal.

    Our Eastern European immigrant friends have a tradition of eating freshwater fish. There are apocryphal stories in circulation of Poles scoffing specimen carp; probably all carp.
  5. Now that is really the only thing about it I do remember. Also leaving it in milk for a while before cooking?

    It was the dim and distant past and what wi ma juvenile dementia.....
  6. A friend runs a restaurant and is game for anything. However, he considered pike to be so full of tiny bones as to not be worth the bother. Apparently the French cook it down and then force it through a sieve to remove the bones. It is then combined with other fish to make some sort of dish. I forget the details.

    That said, It's got to be worth a try if only to find out yourself. :hungry: :fish:
  7. Onetap

    No not the Grand, but the Union Canal, Edinburgh to Falkirk.

    Funnily enough the majority of the lads fishing were Polish and they DID ask me if there were carp in there.

  8. a big carp is what our polish cousins have for sunday dinner i'm reliably informed! apparently it's delicious!
  9. Ate Pike steak off a 14 pounder I caught at the lake by Keogh Barracks and it was very nice. DOn't remember there being a bone issue though.

    Ate Grayling I caught in a Hampshire river too but the Mrs exploded with fear while I was gutiing them and live maggots were still in its belly. They were very nice.

    I know the Germans eat carp like we eat cod but I have too much respect for that fish to crack its head with a priest.
  10. If your pike was caught in still water, you'll need to soak it (preferably overnight) in milk or water or it'll taste muddy. Not a problem with perch.

    King of coarse fish, in my experience, is zander. Not as widespread as pike or perch, but if you ever get the chance to get hold of one, they're a real treat. Cook them just like you would a fresh sea bass - the flavour, texture etc is quite similar.
  11. If you catch a pike and don't want to eat it take it to the local Chinese takeaway they will normally do you a swap for some grub it's a delicacy for them lads round here used to take them in all the time
  12. Will remember that tidbit about Pike and Chinki- sorry Chinese take aways, cheers. :D

    Just watching Marco Pierre White on ITV. He's had elvers (baby eels) and gull's eggs - I've never tried them.

    A good while ago I used to do a lot of night shore fishing. Caught loads of eels which my auld next door neighbour loved - I never tried them though.

    It's on the "to do" list now though.