Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Sorry about the length of this article, I was unable to find a link so I had to scan and post. I have tried to proof read and amend as best I can. If you find and glaring mistakes, its down to word-blindness. That said, I think it is a good read and the author raises some interesting points.


    Max Hastings yesterdays Daily Mail

  2. That article truly makes you think about what each VC winner went through and in the most recent case, is going through.

    There needs to be more done to recognise the points brought up. I enjoyed reading the article for what it was.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I find myself in total agreement.
  4. I don't: the points are interesting, but if someone does something extraordinary, he deserves the recognition. By this reasoning, this bloke would be ineligible for a VC:

    Norman Jackson

    Just read it: without, as Max Hastings says, meaning any disrespect to anyone, that is bravery arguably greater than some VC winners who died... He earned that medal, and should not be subject to some arbitary ruling that he's not allowed it because he happened - by pure good fortune - to survive.
  5. What? Agreeing with yourself?

    Very confusing. :\\ :scratch:
  6. Oh Lord -want to feel a little humble?

    Read this link:

    A few good men...

    "The soldier who was to be laid among kings..."
  7. Just go with the flow.
  8. How sad. How very, very sad.
  9. In the forces we value the VC for what it represents. We often stand in awe of the man who has done something which demonstrates the values which we all admire. We hope that if we had been in the situation in which the VC was earned (I don't believe you win it) we would have been up to the challenge the holder faced. The recipient of the VC however is set apart. When was the last time there was a living serving holder of the award? I think Johnson Beharry has been promoted now but I just can't get my mind around him being Guard 2IC or being bollocked by his Pl Sgt for fcuking up on some trivial matter. Everything has changed for him because of that small piece of bronze hanging on his chest. He can never be treated the same as he was before the award of this honour. It says more about us than it ever will about him so I have to agree with Max Hastings on this matter.
  10. This is a classic Max Hasting article.

    He has the eye and understanding of a service person and the ability to look not only into the case in point but also how that case has been handled in the past with the added value of disticnt pointers to the future.

    At times i feel "We" look after the dead more then we care for the living.

    Hastings has a point, as ever, time will be the only judge of how it is addressed.
  11. I really enjoyed that article as it makes you look at the VC in a totally new light.

    Maybe one of the reasons the VC winners find it hard to go on after is because they have been through such trauma, stress and grief that all they want to do is go back to normality and every day army life again.
    Does this again raises the issue of after care for soldiers who have experienced situations which are truly horrendous? How can you consolidate being given the VC and live with that happily, when you are still feel guilt and grief for being a survivor???
  12. A very intresting pieace by Max Hastings. I never really thought the VC could bring so much unhappiness .
    The thing is with L/Cpl Beharry is if he does return to full operational fitness, (I hope he does) l don't think the CO would be to happy to put him back in harms way again. Loosing a soldier on operations is a horrible thought, but to loose the only VC winner this nation has got that is still serving.........
    Anyway how would his section commander and above approach him to do things on exercise or on operations?

    How bloody true!
  13. Some people cope very well indeed. I worked in close proximity to Sir Tasker Watkins whilst he was still sitting as a Lord of Appeal. He obviously suffered no problems whatsoever and went on after the war to pursue a very long and successful career. Perhaps the difference between him and Johnson Beharry is that Tasker Watkins was already forging a career before it was put on hold due of the War and thus, had a life to continue with afterwards. Johnson Beharry on the other hand, picked the army as his chosen career at a young age and now because of his heroism and resulting wounds that career is in doubt? What he needs is people around him who care for him and will look out for him

    I disagree with Max Hastings. I believe that the Victoria Cross must always be there as the reward for acts courage of the highest order to all who earn it living or dead. I know when Tasker wore his VC at the Opening of the Legal Year, it certainly got everyone’s attention! Johnson Beharry is now a living legend, far better that than a dead one. Not many of these extraordinary people are alive!

  14. "He obviously suffered no problems whatsoever" ???? :?

    Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.
  15. I read this today and one of things that angered me was the hangers on after money that he just didn't have