A heartbreaking story regarding the recession


I was out of work for 3 years during the last recession. The sympathy that I was shown and the help I got ammounted to the same thing . Zero. This guy could have been one of the bankers that pushed the companies I could have worked for over the edge. When your out of work your a noboby , stop bleating and get on with it .


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Tawahi-50 said:
We were going to have two chimneys and fireplaces in the living room, now we are just having one
:D :D :D

Poor sod's down to his last living room chimney and fireplace

It's not easy, they even contemplated sacking their cleaner, imagine the desperation you'd have to be suffering to even think about doing that :(
Is this a f ucking moronic wind up or what?
Tytus_Barnowl said:
Is this a f ucking moronic wind up or what?

Nope, it's called "living to your means". Any fcuker that's ever earned a bundle falls for it (me included sometimes).

The more you earn, the richer you live, the richer you live, the more you get used to it.

I've got no sympathy for the fcuker, but I see where they are coming from. They lived to their means in the same way that an 18K a year worker would have a 60K house and live to theirs, but instead of a £300 a month mortgage they had a £600,000 income and a £30K a month mortgage.

Then all of a sudden, no money. Be it the 18K or the £600K, they are both fcuked. If you look at it logically, the £600K bloke is royally more fcuked than the £18K bloke.

It's all about perspective. My earning increased significantly since I left the mob, however, looking good and owning a fcuking huge house on a huge mortgage aren't my thing so I still live in an edge of town semi. The worst they can take off me is my little house, after that I've blown the rest all over the world on wh0res, holidays, sports cars and beer.
Absolutly no smpathy what so ever. That's what you get if you mortage yourself up to the hilt and have no slack when it all goes tits up.


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The only thing similar between this guy earning 600k plus another 500k bonus and someone earning 18k is the amount of tax they probably paid at the end of the year :lol:
Self inflickted wound, he was a banker and they are people who caused this crap, tango sierra


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It's no good, I can't hear a word of what you're fucking saying!


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