A heads up on what to expect at chillwell pls

Sorry to annoy thou's of u who may have answered this b4, but i am waiting to get my date for mob from my spsi (should hear when he gets back from leave end of aug) and i am just seeking a bit of a heads up about the process at chillwell, what weight is it for the acft? Time for the mile & half etc, etc? Any info will be appreciated and helpful. Thanks.
Re: CFT, wieght depends if your Infantry or Corp as they have different weights, will be the same as your normal MATTS training, but 8 miles! (with a couple of cheeky hills for fun)!
Re: PFA, depends on your age and sex, as above as per your MATTS!
If you fail any of the above you will be held back for at least a week till you pass or get demob'd after that and still can't pass!!

1st couple of days admin, i.e JPA & allowances etc, medical & dental, fail med and/or dental = demob!

Basically it's two weeks of MATT's training.

As mentioned its all basic MATTs. The one warning is if you ever had something medical done, be prepared to bring documents of all sorts with you to prove you have in fact left the hospital. A "cover my ass" mentality reigns supreme in Chillwells medical centre to the point where they suspend rational thought and demand the most ridiculous things.

I had surgery, went on to pass an arduous course and they still wanted proof of discharge! WTF!? "I'm here amen't I!" It wasn't just me. Another member of my mobilisation stream (is that even the right term?) had knee surgery in the ealry 90's, passed P company, jumps and spent 10+ year in the regs and they still fixated on it.

But hey, thats just my view. I got through the hoops in the end, but not after wasting my time and many many of the armies precious and ever scarce monies in the process.
Thanks for your replys. I am RLC and i am 36 yrs young lol. I've been getting ready for the cft by tabbing every other day so hopefully will be ready for whatever they throw at me!!! Thats crazy about that with your situation wolfbolt totally f**ked up! Stilts if you know the weights for my cap badge it would be much appreciated if you could let me know thanks.

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