A harmless walt to be outed or not?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gobbly wobbly, Sep 3, 2010.

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  1. A colleague of mine who is definitely ex TA is a serial but harmless walt.

    His main walt claim to fame is that he was a TA member of the SAS (of course). it's not beyond the bounds of possibility but very unlikely considering he is a fat barsteward. The claims are various here are a few.

    1. When I went for selection, I had to go an address in London and knock on the door. A voice from the letterbox instructed me to stand on my head. I stood on my head for three hours.

    2. I occasionally go away on weekends to Vietnam/China/Korea on secret missions and kill a few gooks.

    3. I was away in Afghanistan over the weekend, it was a right laugh. While driving in convoy in a landrover, the driver behind me can't see much because of the dust clouds so I toss sweets to the kids and it's really funny when he comes round the corner and mows them down.

    He has photos of himself on his desk, one shows him standing holding a bog standard M16 with a landrover in the background and wearing British Army green DPM. He claims that this photo was taken on mainland China on a "special" operation. Yet another photo taken on operation shows him and several colleagues standing in front of a Lynx (helicopter not the cat or the smelly stuff). Everyone except him has their eyes blanked out. It must have been a really easy operation cos they're carrying SLR's with BFA's fitted.

    Now here's the dilemma, I have to maintain a good working relationship with him, he's actually all right if you get past the total crap that comes out of his mouth. He doesn't actually say too much to me because I tend to point out the inconsistencies. What really pees me off is that he will tell a story and people will run over to my desk to gleefully tell it to me. Frankly, I don't have the time or the patience to listen to this crap. How do I deliver a killer blow to all these stories without wrecking the afore mentioned good working relationship?

    Any suggestions gratefully accepted.
  2. It's really you isn't it, and you are just looking for an easy way to 'come out' as a walt!
  3. kill him- slowly.
  4. Ask him why hes got a bfa on his rifle during ops in 'china' lol
  5. Have you served at some point? If so, I'd have thought talking about what you did, but talking it down rather than up, would be enough to let him know that you'll rumble such sillinesses as BFAs on deployment.
  6. Gobbly, I think HE is taking the piss out of YOU.
  7. ...and while he reads this thread, he's reaching for the keep net...
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    So, this Ex-TA bloke works alongside you. In a civilian job. So are you Ex-Reg? Ex-TA? Or purely civilian?

    If the latter, kindly just **** off.

    If the first two options, it's a dull thread anyway, so just **** off.
  9. Did I serve, I was a sergeant in the TA, does that count (Probably not).I suspect he was a lance Jack at most.

    As for the idea that he is winding me up, like I said he doesn't say much to me, he actually tries not to discuss it with me mostly, but sometimes he can't help him self.
  10. In front of as many people as possible just say 'Your a ******* liar' and live with it, you'll feel better. Real Army folk always tell it as it is, thats why I only made fullscrew, ******* idiiots...Must go
  11. As for talking it down, I have done that constantly, I have pointed out the inconsistencies, hence he doesn't do it much to me. I'd be tempted to out him by name and post his pics here, he leaves them on his desk, we have a scanner but that wouldn't be good for our working relationship.

    As for this being a dull post, maybe? However, somewhere on your computer is an off switch, if I bore you too much you could try using it? Only a suggestion.
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Challenge him then

    You say you don't want to ruin your professional relationship, but if you think he is a billy bullshitter and are willing to ignore it, that puts your own integrity into question.
  13. It certainly does.

    Stuff like "I was only a sergeant in the Blankshires" and a couple of low-key, even self-deprecating anecdotes (ideally including BFAs) should surely tell all but the dimmest of walts that any bullshitting is going to be recognised for what it is.

    But you're right to avoid making him look a pillock in front of the whole office -- you've got to live with him afterwards.

    If all else fails ... did you keep your ear-defenders when you left the TA?
  14. I thought everyone had a (former) "SAS mate". I for one know at least 7 people who talk wistfully about their service time and hint at it including a stint with Them but never actually making a clear clarification.

    At the same time, I work with people who have, what they think is the whole military speak down (courtesy of modern warfare et al) and think it adds mystique. - Some of these guys actually talk to me as if we are both currently serving.. to which I have to find my self reminding them of what we do for a living.

    I would say that if it doesn't bother you and he doesn't claim glory or exploits in his name outside of his genuine experience, then let him be. Some people need the escapism.
    Bad walts should be shat upon and eaten by pigs when they claim the deeds of other and live off the names of true service men and women and i'm not sure this guy fits the bill although he does sound like a bit of a dick hole.
  15. Unfortunately, he's taking the piss out of you by using you as a sounding board to see how much walting he can get away with.

    And remember, as we all know, he will get worse..and worse...and worse.

    And, does he really have a pic on his desk, with guys faces blacked out, armed with SLRs fitted with BFAs?? Does he insist it is a covert job in China?? If so, do you really want to be considered this sad ***** mate?