A Hard Decision (No puns intended)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flashman07, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Oh wise, wise ARRSErs I beg for your infinite knowledge and advice in my hour of need!

    My situation is this, I still live with the parents and I am looking to move out. I live in Essex but work in Camden so my commute takes about an hour.

    I have been offered by my hairdresser to live with her in her flat for a measley £250 a month in rent. My hairdresser is incredibly hot along with her friends who she invites round regularly and I would not hesitate to give her a good seeing to.

    This aside her flat is in purfleet, which will add an extra 20 mins to my journey every morning and will also cost me a bit more in travel. Not to mention I will actually have to pay for my own food leaving me with less money at the end of the month. To top it all off Purfleet (by all accounts) is a shit hole.

    What should I do?!
  2. Set your alarm 20 mins earlier.
  3. You have a hairdresser! Bummer.
  4. Is your name Timothy?

  5. Should be a no brainer. :p
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I'm worried that you will not know how to give your hairdressor a good seeing to by the fact you have a hairdressor
    You should go to a barbour young man prefrebably an old bloke who learn't to cut hair in the Army and only knows short back and sides

    Try it Purfleet is a shithole however you have an essex bird wanting you to move in at least you can letch and bump into her naked every now and then
    Keep on about shitholes and she might get the hint
  7. fairly easy answer, just keep us posted on developments including any photos etc
  8. Anyone else starting to suspect the OP might be gay? ;)
  9. A hairdresser? WTF! But think of the fun you can have trying on her white stillettos.
  10. You shpuld go to a barbour young man prefrebably an old bloke who learn't to cut hair in the Army and only knows short back and sides

    Cant resist posting this useless piece of info,
    The guy in the specsavers ad who cuts the sheepdog used to be our camp barber in Boy's service...I see the fcuker has'nt improved much over the years.
  11. Not gay.
  12. Bet you are.
  13. This started off as a perfectly innocent thread about me wanting to ram my hairdresser (Its not gay lots of men have them nowadays) and now my hetrosexuality is in question. I didnt expect to be insulted so viciously by members of ARRSE and my feelings are extremely hurt...

    ...not gay.
  14. You're a fucking faggot! Man up, and move out! Learn to live with less money and even less sleep, would extra nights in with her dirty underwear not be worth it?

    See you again when you're asking another bone question with only one obvious outcome.
  15. I have a massive bone thinking about my hairdresser if thats what you mean... because I'm not gay and that.