A-ha breaks up...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Litotes, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. Just announced on Newsnight; A-ha has broken up after 25 years...

    I'm, er, underwhelmed.

    But the hyphen is important.

    Trust me.

  2. All those serious posts. now you come out with this!

    I'm outraged!

  3. Broken up ?? I thought they were dead !!!
  4. another pointless celeb story of no consequence in the scheme of life
  5. Are they that Norwegian(?) group that were making a comeback?

    Don't know why I asked that really, don't care anyway. :D
  6. Bad news everywhere in the entertainment industry this year

    H from Steps has also passed away

  7. Lits - you're on that slippery slope! Hairyarse2 may have "rescued" you though with the photo!

    Oh, and btw... :D

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  8. They released a song not long back.......I'm ashamed to say that it wasn't that bad.
  9. This is terrible, these "celebs" should be fitted with exploding airbags or something.
  10. Gareth Keenan
  11. Sour grapes on all your parts :D

    A-Ha was pretty good at bridging the generation gap - probably got offered more mother/daughter combo's than you've had hot dinners ;)
  12. Did you offer your botty to the cause?
  13. I thought they had broken up.

    I don't care but was in Noggy land a few weeks ago and during the visit to the works site was shown some of What I thought was a kids drawings on the directors wall, turns out it was original art by one of the band - Shite and mong with crayons could do better came to mind.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    May I introduce you to the new band? Biped-Ha! :D
  15. Probably realised there was more money to be made from a reunion tour in a couple of years time rather than a "Hey, we're still here" tour now. Just go home, put the kettle on, put their feet up, eat some pickled herring and wait for the right moment. Simple as...