A gypsy tradition.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oldgadge, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. "A mother-of-six who was jailed yesterday for claiming more than £96,000 in benefits while she had an 'eye-watering' £173,000 in the bank was following a traveller tradition, a court heard.
    Helen Ryan, 40, from Cardiff, pleaded guilty to the fraud at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday and was jailed for 24 weeks.
    Over a 10-year period, the out-of-work traveller had claimed around £88,000 in income support and £8,000 in council tax benefits."

    Read more: Big fat gypsy swindle: Traveller jailed for claiming £100k in benefits while she had £180k savings that were a 'gypsy tradition' | Mail Online

    Would this refer to the traveller tradition of stealing, swindling and playing the race card, or am I being cynical and anti-PC?
  2. It's not racist to despise benefit swindlers as long as you hate all race, colour and creeds of benefit swindler. Is there any type of swindler you favour?
  3. Well, that movie "Swindlers list" was pretty good.
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  4. I genuinely chuckled when I read the above post. I would have written LOL but I'm not a twat.
  5. I prefer the drunken nazi version Schindler pissed or the porn version Schindlers 'Anal-fist'
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  6. In the NAAFI Bar?
  7. Hmmm...96,000 divided by 24 = 4,000 pounds per week, or AUD $307, 551 per year. Where do I sign up?
  8. For me, it has to be Schindler's Lift

  9. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Schindler's Lifts? Is he making orthotic inserts now, then?
  10. Its a fine pikey tradition along with ripping off gullible and frightened old folk into having a drive done, moving lockstocketc onto a piece of ground illegally and claiming harassment, racial discrimination etc etc etc when ordered to move and televising your female of the species' ability to model creosote and wear dodgy dresses.

    sent from my sony android gucci thing using sausage fingers and dyslexiacheckspell
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  11. They're naturally that colour it's there genes, a bit like the Fugates LINKY
  12. Yes it is a gypsy tradition to be a thieving cunt.

    Let's hope their next tradition involves mass suicide.
  13. So she's serving 24 weeks for swindling £96,000 out of the state ..... Feck me - she's repaying the crime at a rate of £4,000 a week while doing nothing for it except lounging in her cell. It's a going concern - let's all get in on it.
  14. It's paid it all back apparently.
  15. I can't see this too often.

    On entry to Dale Farm one decides to go for the peelers, and a taser is discharged into them.

    What part of "Get Back" did you not understand.

    taser at dale farm eviction - YouTube