A gun in hand makes a man look taller

In LAT A gun in hand makes a man look taller, study says
Participants were asked to look at the photos and estimate the size of the person holding each object and how muscular he was by choosing one of six body types.

In one round of the experiment involving 628 viewers, the researchers found that men whose hands held a .357-caliber handgun were thought to be almost 5 feet, 10 inches — more than 2 inches taller than men whose hands held a caulking gun.

Men with drills were also on the higher end of the height and strength scale — perhaps because of viewers' estimates of the strength it would take to hold a drill — but they were still judged to be about half an inch shorter than the gun toters.

To make sure the viewers were not simply judging based on the weight of the objects, the researchers ran another test using a paintbrush, a kitchen knife and a squirt gun. Even though for some reason the viewers associated the kitchen knife more with women and the paintbrush more with men, the kitchen knife still made the holder seem bigger and stronger than either the paintbrush or the squirt gun did.

On average, Fessler said, viewers thought gun wielders were 17% taller and stronger than those holding the caulking guns.

"I was a little surprised — I was kind of looking for the flaws in the study — but I think they did a pretty good job of convincing me they have a reasonable hypothesis," said Edward Hagen, a biological anthropologist at Washington State University Vancouver who was not involved in the study. "Have they convinced me that it's correct? No, but I think it's a good start."
Unfortunately as yet they have no data on the effect on height perception of an SLR.
This is one of those 'studies' that grips my shit. How much did it cost them to run and what use is the, obviously nonsensical, information? Better things the money could have been spent on in my opinion.

Such as the effect an SLR has on height perception etc...

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