A Guitar owner's thread

OK, It's not a guitar.

Rolf Harris: "Can you tell what it is yet?"

I've got a really superb Squier Strat still in it's box, that I bought in summer time and just haven't had the heart to open yet.

After decades of playing, I stopped playing again, as quickly as I picked it back up. I may pick it up tomorrow or next year, or never. Whatever.

Those were really interesting photos though.

I might try taking a few shots of mine. Would be a few cobwebs in there.

But they're all there ready and waiting to go. My oldest friends. I think it was Mark Knopfler who said that you are never alone with a guitar, or that the guitar will be a good friend to you in this life. Something like that.

It's a Red Strat too, and with a Maple neck. If you know what I mean.

Now all I need is the shirt and a big black knob!

Already got the wrist band.

Must take it out of it's box sometime.
And then I remembered a Duane Eddy song I loved as a kid and decided I needed a spring reverb. I am a bit addicted to reverb and delay.

I've had a bit of a reverb addiction for a while. I've got an incredible selection of software stuff, from Lexicon, to Eventide, to Valhalla, and many many others.

Not wanted to get in to hardware yet. It's just more things to spend money on and I don't really need it, working in the box these days.

I'm sated. I just don't need any more stuff. Just need to learn how to use them all. Take the time to enjoy what I have.

Reverb is easy to overdo. And it's nice for dramatic effects, but it's pretty essential for making space in any recording. Just at a level where you only notice it if you take it away. You can mix different 'verbs too.

Learn the Abbey Road Reverb trick where you High Pass and Low Pass the inputs/outputs/whatever. Takes away the muddiness and harshness. You can do this on a desk or in a DAW.

And don't be afraid to run the returns through a compressor for added control - either to tame it or make it 'pump' a bit more again. No rules.

If anyone is looking for some really great cheap digital reverbs in VST or plugin form then check out Audio Damage. Their Lexicon clone is a mix essential and the Eos plugin is just sweet sonic sugar, coded by Sean from Valhalla. I even have their Mangleverb which is just a weird box of tricks.

Loads of great free and very cheap reverbs out there.

And don't forget convolution!
I have a few reverbs to choose from this is what I can see around me at the moment so the ones currently in use with my guitars, synths or via Aux sends on the mixing desk.
Alesis microverb 3
Alesis Midiverb 4
Boss RE-1000
Zoom 1201
Zoom 1204

Zoom CDR 70
TC Electonic Trinity verb
TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2
Behringer RV-600

Software reverbs I tend to just go for the Valhalla verbs. They are fantastic. The bloke who wrote the software did work for somebody like Strymon or Eventide.


I've also gone for a Strymon El Capistan. The quality and implementation is stunning. Expensive at £260 but the sound quality and little tricks you can do like making the "tape" crinkle and distort over time mind blowing.

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