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If all the pedals are working individually, I'm thinking that there is some kind of power supply problem - maybe a reversed polarity on the input on one of the pedals or psu connectors, or something like that. A reversed polarity might allow a pedal to work in isolation, but throw the whole thing into confusion in a chain. You could use a multitester to check the polarities.

Have you tried firing up the whole setup using batteries only (using the cheapest shit batteries available or it would start to get very expensive)?
Cheers for the reply Provost.

I have checked each pedal. Individually they all work fine, I've checked there are no errant batteries lurking in them as I know this can affect signal/power etc.

All the cables are fine and I've checked those also. (not cheapies).

I have also mixed the order in which they are set up but to no avail.
I can connect a few together and they work.
I put them all together - nowt!

I don't think its a power problem and the power supply is more than ample for the small amount of pedals.
The usual daisy chain I've run is this:

Guitar - Wah - Blues Driver - OD - Dist - Chorus - Comp/Sus - Loop - Amp.

Like I said I have mixed the order of pedal around as well.

It's bloody head scratching to tell you the truth!!


I would check the milliamp output from each output matches what the stomp box needs. I suspect one of them isn't getting enough juice. Also make sure you have the right connectors. Centre pin negative is the most common but some stomp boxes can be centre pin positive.

I'd imagine your power supply came with a couple of centre pin pos cables and there is a chance they won't work with neg connections.

Looking at the specs on Amazon it says...
Outputs 1-7: 9v DC, max 100mA //
Output 8: 9v DC, max 500mA //
Output 9: 12v DC, max 100mA

If one of your stomp boxes connected to outs 1-7 needs more than 100mAs it's getting enough juice to power on and engage the circuit but not enough to do the job properly which can lead to infuriating silence and things getting smashed.

Cheers for the replies.

I'm no wiz with electrics but I will have a look at the above mentioned ideas later and see where I get!!

Ref your last paragraph Jellyvodka; would powering say the wah through the 500mA be in idea or will it frag
the pedal due do the amount of juice flowing through it?

Thanks again chaps.

It would appear the separate power source for the wah was not the solution mate, cheers for the steer anyway.

I then ran every pedal individually off all power ports on the power core. All worked individually.
I'm thinking maybe the power core is not giving enough juice to run all the pedals and may have to go back to individual power supply cables.
This I find odd as when I bought the bugger the reviewers said there was no problem with enough power, some reviewers had described their rig and it was more substantial than mine!

Really head scratching stuff this, unless I am being an Uber Dolt!!
If you look underneath the maple cap of modern Gibson Les Paul, you'll find something quite similar going on inside the body. It's called 'weight relief'. It's something to do with the varieties of sustainable mahogany that are permitted to be used now are very dense and weigh a ton. Les Paul's were never the lightest of guitars and the newer ones using the mahoganies of today were becoming unfeasibly weighty. The solution was to rout out some of the body mass.

Weight Relief: What’s it All About?

If that Tele (alder body?) is the genuine article I imagine that the headstock just nosedives towards the floor.


I'm after a cheap and nasty classical for my shed. My first inclination is to go the Yamaha route for no other reason than I've spent years telling people the Pacifica was / is a great first guitar. I would ask in my local guitar shop but I'm scared of the ridicule.

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