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I have a black LP copy by colombus, bought it when I was in trade training back in the 80's, never bothered getting a more expensive ( ie real ) model as I can quite easily make a £1000 one sound like a £100 model.

Couple of acoustics knocking around, more into synthesisers at the moment, have a yamaha An1x and Rm1x if anyone is interested in that sort of thing :p
Been collecting and playing for 20 years or so. It became a bit obsessive/compulive for a while.....(all original gear)

'59 Les Paul
'58 Les Paul
'62 Strat
'60 ES-335 (blonde)
'58 Les Paul Junior
'63 Hummingbird
'57 D-28.

Amps are my real passion, particularly very old Marshalls.

Be good to set up a studio day in London.
Still hammering my old PRS after over twenty years.
64 years now, but still crawl on-stage and do all the Open-Airs with "Yellow Shark". Loud, completely mad and often drunk. What a way to go out !
Keep on Rocking


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My collection:

Early Squire Strat, not sure which year but I'm told it's a good one.
Crafter Electro Acoustic, which I play more than anything else.
1980 Gibson Les Paul,
1959 Gibson SG bass which unfortunately has been fcuked around with considerably and is now worthless,
A battered old Squire Jazz Bass which a friend gave me.

Banker, I want all your guitars!
Banker said:
'57 D-28.
V. nice. Rosewood not mahogany, yes? I bet it booms.

Got any pics?
I have:

Gibson SG Standard (Cherry)
Epiphone Long-Scale SG Bass (Cherry)

Fender Strat Standard (Purple!)
Fender '58 Re-Issue Jazz Bass (Black)

Indie Dreadnought Acoustic (Natural)

Ampeg SVT-III + Ashdown 4x10

No guitar amp, running into Mainstage2 on a MacBook Pro...
therealbigdizzle said:
No guitar amp, running into Mainstage2 on a MacBook Pro...
Your neighbours are missing out. Don't be a poof, get yourself a Marshall.


I've had varying qualities of Takamine's over the years, now left with just an 80s electric acoustic. If I could justify spending the money I'd want a Lowden, and another desire would be an old Gibson 12 fret, then of course an original 14 fret Martin would be nice too. ***Dreams***
I'm getting an electric 6-string from one of the lads at work soon, and am determined to learn how to play. So far, the only guitar experience I have is on Metallica Guitar Hero!

Does anyone have any recomendations for self-teach websites or books for an absolute beginner?


It's up to you mate, I've got a diploma in music and there's kids 15 year old who can stop me in my tracks on youtube with their widdling skills. I would always suggest getting a years worth of lessons to learn the basic tools of playing and then you'll work it out for yourself whether you want to continue with a teacher of go it alone. Whatever you do, enjoy it, you'll get pretty pi$$ed off at times but keep going, the ladies love someone with fast fingers.
Best tip I can give you is concentrate on your right hand as much as your left (more perhaps)........and melody/harmony before speed.
I have 3 guitars. 2 electric and an acoustic, I have no idea what type they are, but one of them is red. I should take more notice.
I got my first one about 3 years ago and tried to teach myself, it went ok, got a lot of chords nailed down, a decent strumming technique, learnt a few songs (sort of) but then hit a massive brick wall and haven't improved for ages. Finger exercises are the key apparently but they can be tedious and make your fingers hurt until you get used to them. I really must practise more instead of just pretending on Rock Band.
2006 custom Gibson Les Paul
2007 Jim Root (slipknot) Fender Strat
and my first guitar is some cheap Argos thing that i have no idea who made it but it still makes a good noise.
i've got an epi LP custom....i bought it with the idea that eventually there would need to be somebody to replace Slash as the coolest guitarist on the planet, but i think i might have left it a bit late :lol:

i'm no good at following tab. most of the time i string together shapes on the fingerboard that are chord shaped and ad-lib....it's works a bit, but i start to get bored after a little while of 'improv'.

advant-garde metal is the way forward i think. Buckethead style

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