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A Guitar owner's thread

Inspired by gasmark's post in the classified ads forum I thought I would see if there are any other Arrser's who are also guitar players?

Electric Guitar For Sale

Do you know your Chet Atkins from your Eddie Van Halen? Your Fender Stratocaster from your Rickenbacker 360-12?

Do you pluck, strum or use a pick/plectrum? Do you spend too much time fretting?

Or like me do you just make an infernal indistinguishable racket and convince yourself it sounds great? :oops:

I own a Fender/Squier steel string dreadnought a Gibson Les Paul (cheap version) and a nameless nylon string classical guitar. None of which I'm particularly good at playing with my bratwurst size fingers.

Anyway if you have any favourite tabs or chord diagrams (for novices) tips, tricks or recommendations please feel free to share. :D
I won a guitar last year from Xfm signed by Amy McDonald it's an epiphone copy of a les paul worth about £250 do intend to learn to play it sometime
I own:

1987 Fender Japan 'JV' Strat, brass nut, scalloped fretboard, custom lace sensors

Jackson DK2. Kerry King active EMG pickups

Kramer Vanguard, custom aluminium scratchplate, Kerry King active EMG pickups

Schecter C7, scalloped fretboard, custom slim neck.

Rockster Dragon "Tattoo", Bareknuckle pickups

Wesley Bass, active pickups




I own a black and white Fender Precision bass with a rosewood neck.

Been playing for 6 years now, don't know many bassists that play with a plectrum, although i don't play Southern Comfort as much as i should (oh yes, i named her).


Another low-ender here with an ever growing family...

2x Vester Maniac basses, one original spec, one that's being- ahem- 'modified'...
BC Rich Warlock bass
Dean Flying V bass... rather 'modified'...
Dean Performer electro-acoustic bass
Dean Razorback bass
Dean DOA '09 V-Zilla bass (20 made)
Dean DOA '03 Cadillac bass (25 made)

Playing through a Hartke at the moment but upgrading to an Ashdown ABM or Marshall stack in the new year. Can't get my fucking head round a plectrum for the life of me though... :roll:
Fender JD Telecaster (no surprise there).Also, a couple of disassembled Hofner solids in the attic, where most good ideas end up...
After a sabatical of 10 years me and my band started rehearsels again,intending to play a few gigs after we have enough songs and the bollocks to jump on stage again :roll: .

I have a 82' Ibanez steelstring acoustic.
75' Ibanez Les Paul
Early 90's Ibanez J series
Early 90's Squier Telecaster

My amp is a Engl 50 watts all tube combo
For effects I use a Zoom 1010


Carvin AE185 - main player / "grab a guitar and make some noise"
Carvin Nomad tube amp
Gibson "BB King" (No; not the Epiphone version) signed by BB from a BADD (Bikers against Drunk Drivers) concert. Won the charity auction.
Takamine FP160 acoustic/electric
Ovation 2000 Anniversary Adamas

Anyone old enough might remember us playing the Tuesday night dances at Arborfield Boy's School in the mid-'60s, along with the Christmas parties and every other Saturday nights in the Sergeants Mess - fun times!


Well, I still have that PRS Tremonti SE as nobody wants to buy it yet.

I also have a BC Rich Kerry King signature V and a Yamaha strat copy thing that I bought as my tour guitar (cheap and not too arsed if it gets bashed). I played that through a smokey amp but at home I have a Marshall 50 watt thing and an assortment of effects pedals.

Totally self taught
telecaster said:
Any chance of you playing a gig at the Traf?

Errrr.. I consider myself an acquaintance of Lorainne,but I think she'll kick my b0ll0cks if we decided to play there,as we play rock/metal. :twisted:

Besides that, do you pay for the travel milage? :p


Book Reviewer
Squier (Korea)
Fender Musicmaster
Fender Precision
Epiphone Les
Stratocaster type thing that I built from parts.....foul metallic blue (I promise to respray it black)
Crafter acoustic bass....tiger grain wood
Antoria flat back mandolin....mahogany
Got an epiphone les paul and a rather pleasant turner electro acoustic and a number of crappy lower range electrics that sit gathering dust.
Out of intrest how did you get on keeping a guitar in the block? I used to get a little worked up having people demand oasis songs everytime they spotted my dinted old fender acoustic in the corner. It took a couple of years but eventually people stopped trying to turn old Robbo into a DPM jukebox.
Going a bit off topic,but last weekend I had a great time visiting a band called Hysterica.
Here you can see I had a good time :twisted:


got a stratocaster, and 50w amp and a few pedals, I sound like the Sex Pistols on a drunken bad day, good laugh mind, not sure what the neighbours think mind :D
Schecter Tempest Custom deep cherry red
Vox Valvetronix VT30

I thought I would go for something a little different from the usual gibsons, fenders etc as lovely as those are to play. The vox is quite cool its a tube amp but it has digital effects and amp models.


I have,

Schecter Omen 6
Schecter Damien FR
Schecter Deluxe
BC Rich Warlock NJ Series
Jackson Sharkfin thingy, I think it's part of the pro series
Kramer Striker
Manuel Rodriguez Cedro Classical Guitar

My rig set up for giggage is TSL 60 and a POD X3 Live

I still can't play any of them, but if you live in the North West and fancy cutting heads give me a shout, I'm always up for a shred.
2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio wine red (very nice neck, sound; predates weight relief models).
2008 Martin 000X1 (good sound for price, very stable/good travel acoustic).
Marshall AVT 100 combo (too loud for home use but has several good sounds, especially the clean channel).
Boss MT-2 (awesome), CS-3 (adds a little something), Korg Pitch Black tuner (best pedal tuner available IMO). Home made pedal box.

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