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A guide to the newest words and phrases of 2008

HEAVAGE: Breasts so big they need a special bra for support

IRRITAINMENT: TV shows and celebs so irritating or bad that they end up being compulsive viewing for all the wrong reasons.

BLAMESTORMING: Getting in a group, discussing why something went wrong and then deciding whose fault it was.

SMIRTING: Flirting between tobacco addicts forced outside by the public smoking ban.

FLEXTING: Flirting through mobile phone texts.

MOBISODE: A clip of a full-length TV show or film made for watching on a mobile phone or MP4 player.

WOOF: Stands for Well Off Old Fogey : the sort a gold-digger goes for.

CHINDIA: The combination of China and India as a major economic force.

OH-NO-SECOND: That minuscule fraction of time when you realise you’ve just made a huge mistake.

NONEBRITY: Someone who ends up a minor celebrity despite having no obvious talent.

SWIPEOUT: The moment your debit card is swiped at a till and you find you’ve run out of cash. Also used to describe the magnetic strip on a card becoming worn out through overuse.

SINBAD: Stands for Single Income, No Boyfriend And Desperate.

MOUSE POTATO: A modern version of a couch potato. Someone who spends all their time at home surfing the internet.

PLAY-DOUGH: Money set aside for a night on the town.

BROMANCE: When two heterosexual lads are such good mates they spend as much time together as a couple.

SCUMMY MUMMY: The opposite of a scrummy mummy.

PROBO: Someone who makes a tidy living from begging. A professional hobo.

TURDBIRD: Someone who flies into a situation, slags it off then goes away again. Like a negative know-it-all.

SAGA LOUTS: Groups of tea-drinking pensioners who travel to garden centres and craft fairs on organised coach trips.

PIKEA: An open-air area such as a lay-by where people dump old furniture.

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