A guide to Pay,Allowances and welfare for the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gash_Handlin, Jun 28, 2002.

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  1. I found a lovely little leaflet in my pigeon hole this week from HQ Land.

    It's title is "A guide to Pay, Basic Allowances, Charges and Welfare Support for the TA and Reserve Forces" (with effect from April 2002)

    I have reproduced this and willpost it here but I think it is going to be wayyyy too large for one post so please bear with me and have a read through.

    There was no copyright info on the leaflet so I hope HQ Land won't mind me distributing the information in this manner, if there are any problems please let me know via email or on this thread and I will delete the info...
  2. A guide to Pay, Basic Allowances, Charges and Welfare Support for The TA and Reserve Forces.

    With effect from April 2002.


    This leaflet is intended to serve as a guide for you (and your dependants). Please remember that the rules are too complex to allow full publication in this guide however, this does provide you with basic information.  This guide may not be quoted as an authority and if you have any doubt as to the admissibility of a specific allowance or concession, please contact your local unit RAO, admin or welfare staff.  This guide is broken down into three parts, these are:

    1. Matters affecting Reservists called out on limited operations.
    2. Matters affecting TA Personnel.
    3. A final short section entitled ‘general’ affecting both TA and Reservist personnel.

    Reservists called out on limited operations

    Call out gratuity

    On satisfactory completion of the mobilisation process you will be entitled to receive the tax free COG of £395 (wef 01APR01).
    Full details will be given by the RTMC.


    Your pay will be assimilated to the appropriate Pay 2000 (P2K) rate of pay.  The level at which you join is dependant on a number of factors including former reckonable service and whether you have served on P2K previously.  The range, higher or lower, is determined by your career employment qualifications and you will be advised of your pay range and increment level by RTMC.

    Substitution Pay / Acting Rank

    If you are at present in receipt of Substitution Pay or hold Acting Rank, on mobilisation you will revert to the rate of pay appropriate to your substantive rank.  However, if after deployment you are appointed to fill a post established for a higher rank, you will then be eligible to be considered for Acting Rank or Substitution Pay.

    Payment of the Military Salary

    Your monthly salary will be paid to your nominated bank or building society current account.  If you do not have an account special arrangements can be made to ensure that you provide financial support for your dependants.  For mobilised personnel, funding in theatre will be by cheque encashment via the RAO.

    Travel Allowances

    Personnel who are deployed on duty in UK may, dependant on Marital Status and length of service, claim Recompense in Lieu of Relocation (RILOR), as opposed to the Private Car Rate (PCR), for home to duty journeys.

    Longer Seperated Service Allowance (LSSA)

    FTRS and/or those with Mobilised Service amounting to 18 months or TA Personnel who have received their second year bounty will be eligible to claim LSSA at the initial rate.  The rate increases on completion of 300 days in receipt of LSSA and again after 600 days.

    LSSA Accumulated Turbulence (AT) & Accumulated Turbulence Plus (AT+)

    Receipt of LSSA for 280 days or more in a period of 2 years will result in a taxable bonus of £1000.00 being paid; this is known as LSSA (AT).  In the event of LSSA being received for 365 days in the same 2 year period then a further taxable bonus of £1000.00 will become payable.  This is known as LSSA (AT+).  In certain rare cases, individuals may be entitled to the Married Unaccompanied Service Allowance (MUSA).
  3. The Reservists Standard and Hardship Awards (RSA / RHA)

    RSA is a taxable payment which has replaced the Emergency Service Grant adn is designed to make good any loss in earnings, company benefits and pension contributions arising from mobilised service.  If your military salary exceeds your previous income then you will not be entitled to receive compensation for loss of earnings.  Documentary evidence is required to support a claim before it can be authorised.  If the needs of the Service require you to be mobilised despite the fact that your civilian earnings exceed stipulated ceilings for RSA, a special case for payment may be made.  This payment is known as RHA.

    Insurance Allowance

    A refund of transit costs may be admissable when you move your belongings to and from the Theatre to which you are deployed.  Currently this is up to £37 each way.  In order to claim you will require details of your kit insurance or home insurance policy covering your pesonal kit.

    Army Dependants Trust

    Married or single personnel in permanent service are entitled to join the Army Dependants Trust for the duration of their period of mobilised service.  In the event of death, from any cause, the fund makes a speedy payment to the nominated dependant.  The discretionary grant is up to £10,000 for married personnel and £6000 for single personnel.  Annual subscription rates are £3 for single members and £5 for married personnel.


    The Army Welfare Service AWS is available in the United Kingdom and in Germany to all serving personnel and their families.  Contact details of your local AWS can be found in your Station Guide or through HQ AWS on civillian network 01722 436565 or Salisbury Military (9)4331 2565.

    Community Support staff who provide locally accessible and affordable community resources for the military community, these include Community Centres, pre-school groups, Youth Centres and various activities.

    Personal Support staff provide confidential advice and counselling in a variety of cicumstances which may include: relationship difficulties, family problems, bereavement, tackling debt, childcare issues etc.  If they can't directly help, they'll put you in contact with someone who can.

    There are may other agencies and individuals both within and outside the military who offer support:

    -Unit Padre
    -Unit Welfare Officer
    -Unit Equal Opportunities Officer
    -SSAFA Forces Help
    -Army Families Federation (AFF)
    -HIVEs (equipped with internet access)

    Additional support may be obtained via the following Help lines:

    -Relate Marriage Guidance 01788 573241
    -Cruse Bereavment Care 0208 9404818
    -Alcoholics Anonymous 08457 697555
    -The Samaritans 08457 909090
    -Compassionate Army Upavon 01980 615790 (day) 01980 615791 (night)
    -Confidential helpline 0800 731 4880

    HM Forces Railcards

    If you are to be mobilised for a period of at least 3 months you will be entitled to purchase a Railcard for yourself and if you are of Marital Category 1, your spouse as well.  Rules covering the eligibility of other members of a service persons family will be explained in detail at the Mobilisation Centre (Mob Cen).


    The revised leave scheme for Reservists who have been Called-Out or Recalled for Service provides a maximum of 30 working days annual leave, regardless of rank, plus Post Operational Tour Leave (POTL) for those who have been on overseas operational deployments.  Those deployed to non-operational areas outside the UK will be entitled to Relocation Leave.  Full details of the leave scheme will be given at the Mob Cen.


    If you have any queries about your personal circumstances while in Theatre, you should raise them in the first instace with the RAO of the unit with whoch you have deployed.  If they are unable to answer your query satisfactorily, you should refer the problem to the RTMC.
  4. TA Matters


    Pay entitlement is essential for periods of attendance for military duty as specified by the CO.  Periods of at least 2 but less than 4 hours gains a quarter day's pay, 4 but less than 8 hours gains a half day's pay, and 8 to 24 hours gains one day's pay.

    Training Bounty

    The TA training year commences 1 Apr and ends 31 Mar, a non-taxable bounty may be paid in each TA year to personnel who complete the appropriate training and are certified as efficient by the CO.  Bounty entitlement can increase with additional years service.  Current entitlements are:

    Group A - Higher. All ranks:  1st year £330, 2nd year £725, 3rd and 4th year £1115, 5th and subsequent years £1290.

    Group A - Lower. All ranks:  1st year nil, 2nd year £400, 3rd and 4th year £620, 5th and subsequent years £720.

    Group B - Officers, Officer Cadets and soldiers of the OTC.  1st year £110, 2nd year £135, 3rd and subsequent years £160.

    Training Expense Allowance (TEA)

    TEA is a non-taxable allowance to compensate TA personnel for certain out of pocket expenses when attending periods of duty/training.  Claims are admissable for training periods in excess fo 2 hours where a full days pay is not issued.

    Residence to Place of Duty Travel

    Officers and Soldiers may be refunded their costs in connection with travel from their place of residence or place of employment to the TA Centre.  The journeys to/from the TA Centre for normal attensance, and at the beginning and end of annual camp, are to be claimed on AF O9529 and refunds are then processed automatically in accordance with the details given on commisioning/enlistment.  Any changes to those details is to be notified to the Unit PSAO.

    Uniform Upkeep Allowance

    Uniform Upkeep Allowance (UUA) is paid to officers annually in Nov and covers expenditure arising in the tax year 6 Apr to 5 Apr.  UUA, which is free of income tax, is granted to officers so that they may maintain those items in their authorised scale of outfit that are provided initially from outfit allowance.  As thos allowance is tax free, no tax allowance is admissable in respect of optional items purchased privately by individuals to meet regimental custom.


    Personal Accident Insurance for TA & Reservists (RPAX)

    The underwriters of the RPAX and PAX+ have applied an exclusion period from 21 Sep 01, preventing individuals joining the scheme or increasing the number of units of cover held.  The underwriters are currently seeking options for a temporary replacement product, although the terms and premiums will be different.  Updates will be provided by MOD.

    Under normal circumstances all serving members of the TA and Reservists are eligible to apply for membership of RPAX which is a personal accident insurance scheme that provides any benefit in the event of death or injury arising from an accident at any time world-wide.  Premiums are paid to the insurance company by Direct Debit from individuals personal bank/building soceity account and not through Service pay accounts.  Further information can be obtained from : RPAX Customer Service Centre Tel 0800 212480

    Kit Insurance

    You are advised to take out kit insurance to cover military clothing and equipment.  Policies are available at RTMC or TMC.
  5. Thanks Humphrey, hoped you scanned that lot in first  ;D


    Your pay will be assimilated to the appropriate Pay 2000 (P2K) rate of pay.  The level at which you join is dependant on a number of factors including former reckonable service and whether you have served on P2K previously.  The range, higher or lower, is determined by your career employment qualifications and you will be advised of your pay range and increment level by RTMC.

    I'm sorry where's the bit where it says "If you have a job that pays more than we do, we'll make up the balance or at least, get on towards it"

    Carrer employment qualifications, sounds a bit like errrrrrr flannel, smoke and mirrors. :mad
  6. Bloody hell PTP, I go to all that trouble and you dont even bother to read it all ;D ;D

    The bit your looking for is at the start of the second instalment up there, but for the hard of reading ;) here it is again...

    Any other bits you cant be arrsed to read and want me to repeat :p

  7. Thanks Ga....errrrrrrr Humphrey, you're right, I'm so busy looking for ways for the Army to shaft me yet again, that I didn't read it through (Smacked Bot)

    Also thanks to SupershotSingingGirlie who e-mailed me a copy of said docco.

    <<Feels ever such a nana, but it'll soon wear off  ;D
  8. nurries Sol... errr Part Time Pongo ;D

    one thing it doesnt say is what the ceilings mentioned actually are, anyone got up to date figures??

    Entirely understandable expectin to get shafted by the Gov't tho

  9. Although the topic is covered, its still uncertain; i.e. - an application for a SPEACIAL CASE hardship award MAY be made.

    Questions that arise are:

    What's the ceiling?
    How do you go about making an application?
    On what grounds is this decided?
    How long does this take? (in other words, are you going to have to wait 6 months for payment)

    Hopefully these points are covered somewhere &#8230;..?
  10. I can&#8217;t see the government matching everybody's civvie pay lets just look at the Doctors, if they are in a private practice and get Capt pay even PQO Capt pay the gov will have to add 10s of thousands to equal civ pay. Never gonna happen.
  11. Depends on type of PQO nurses are laughing all the way to the bank. My salary nearly doubled in fact another £80 a month and it would.
  12. just out of interest, could anyone enlighten me as to the current regualr rates of pay for each of the ranks?

    Last time I looked on the Army website it was a bit out of date (2 years or so!!)

  13. msr

    msr LE


    Are newly commissioned officers entitled to a sum of money to purchase uniform, or do you have to wait until the November after commissioning?

  14. Not sure of the rules, but I do recall I got my money to coincide with commissioning.  Goldings of London provide Service Dress, DJ, boots and Mess kit that rather conveniently come to the exact amount of the allowance.  Tell them Scrib sent you and who knows maybe I can claim a discount in the future.

    Speak to your RAO for the right answer.  It is what we pay them for.