A guide on how to join the SAS,only costs £12.97.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ABF9, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. ABF9

    ABF9 Old-Salt

  2. Matt007

    Matt007 Old-Salt

    i wonder how many bits they have pinched off mr Mcnab :D
  3. Do you get a refund in the unlikely event you fail Selection? :lol:
  4. Has this been created by the Baron Castleshort?
  5. Matt007

    Matt007 Old-Salt

    im suprised it doesnt say "pass or your money back, 30 day guarantee!!!"
  6. Or, "Free Black Nasty with every order!" :D
  7. Kaye

    Kaye LE

    No, off course not! These people have 'Secret' information and 'Essential Insider' information. Things that Shortty never had :x

    They've got secret stuff. This must be the real deal...
  8. iamalondoncrab

    iamalondoncrab War Hero

    Even better!

  9. Austen_D

    Austen_D Old-Salt

    The sad thing is they wouldnt be for sale if people weren't buying them. Losers.
  10. Telecomsgeek

    Telecomsgeek Old-Salt

    I especially like the insider tip that Map reading might be important.
  11. You'll never know when it's going to arrive. It will just appear there one day, you will not have seen the "delivery man" - your house will now be at State 1, with the delivery team having conducted a rapid assessment of entry and exit routes, kill zones and firing positions. Anyone visiting your house at the time of delivery will be dead. Even if you dig up the cache containing the CD, it'll be too late - you will have failed selection and more often be dead or breathing your last sad breath. Oh, and your name will forever be inscribed in a database of similarly sad individuals who couldn't find Hereford on a map.
  12. I have a balcony outside my house.
  13. pegasusbranding

    pegasusbranding Old-Salt

    Ive just rung em, only a 9-5 organization, if you wish jihad please phone in normal working hours....
  14. BlueDanubeWalt

    BlueDanubeWalt War Hero

    Are you reading it now..??
  15. zazabell_012

    zazabell_012 War Hero

    How about a free mini flash-bang with ever 20 ordered :lol:

    There are plenty of cashed up wannabes out there who would take the bite :twisted: , it could be a nice little earner :lol: