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A great way to pass an afternoon in the pub.

Get a copy of your local rag , and ring up the people selling all the sh*t in the classified pages , and wind them up , the following is a transcript of a conversation held in my local last saturday afternoon , between my myself , and several unsuspecting members of the public.

"hello mate , i'm just ringing about the wheelbarrow you've got for sale"

"oh yes"

"can you tell me a bit about it , what colour is it?"

"it's black"

"has it had any previous owners?"

"no mate , i bought it from B&Q "

"oh .. right , has it got any major dents or rust on it ?"

"no mate , it's in good nick"

"whats the insurance like on it?"


"ooooooooooooh temper ..."

"Hello mate , i'm calling about the dining suit"

"oh yeah , it's still for sale"

"excellent , what colour is it?"

"it's a black one mate"

"great .. just what i'm looking for , and what chest size is the jacket?"

"eh?? what are you on about?"

"the dining suit .... what size is the jacket?"

"dining suit ?... its a dining SUITE you c-ock"


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