A great victory of American and Iraqi forces


In the highly unusual teleconference, U.S. and Iraqi military leaders in Diyala province detailed a major operation last week in which about 100 insurgents were killed near Balad Ruz, a town 20 miles east of Baqouba. More than 1,300 rockets and 1,100 rocket-propelled grenades and launchers were seized

1300 reckets and 1100 RPG? There are so huge numbers. Why not to show these weapons on TV?

Who have heard about the operation near Balad Ruz?


NEAR BALAD RUZ - U.S. and Iraqi forces conducted a ground and air assault operation near Balad Ruz, north of Baghdad, and killed several insurgents, the U.S. military said. Several large weapon caches were also discovered.

It is a picture of capturesd rockets.



BALAD RUZ, Iraq – After seven days of combined operations south of Balad Ruz, Iraqi Army Soldiers, in partnership with 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, continue to discover large weapons caches and destroy anti-Iraqi forces throughout the Turki Village area.
Since discovering more than 1,150 57-mm rockets Saturday, the Soldiers have uncovered several more caches containing improvised explosive device-making material, more than 1,000 rocket-propelled grenades, 13 anti-tank mines, more than 1,000 small-arms munitions, 1,050 heavy machine gun rounds, dozens of anti-tank missiles and other terrorist planning documents.

I wonder, why do the insurgents still use home-made IEDs, while having such huge arsenals of sophisticated weapons?
Probrobly because theres dozens if not hundreds of different Insurgent groups each with their own capabilities and how successful IEDs have been for some of these groups.
KGB_resident said:
I wonder, why do the insurgents still use home-made IEDs, while having such huge arsenals of sophisticated weapons?

As I read it, these insurgents use the payloads of sophisticated weapons systems (large warheads like artillery shells, for example are hidden in large quantites all over Iraq), and bury/conceal a cluster of them on a route usd by coalition forces. They rig them with 'improvised' systems to allow them to be detonated remotely, without the need for wires, using, for example, a cell phone as the receiver to activate the detonator.

Thus these are 'Improvised' explosive devices, yet they are both sophisticated and powerful (some of them large enough to overturn an Abrams tank).

They can, presumably, move all the constituent parts around in small trucks, and thus not attract the attention of overhead surveillance systems(satellite, UAV) by hauling around the associated launch systems - like Katyusha trucks, or 155mm howitzers.

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