A great read on Facism in the UK(past)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Afghan_Kandak, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. 1958-1968 Rivers of blood - Fascists begin to unite

    1960 Keep Britain White rally in Trafalgar Square

    In order to understand the far right of the sixties, it is necessary to start two years earlier with the 1958 race riots in west London, often wrongly described as the Notting Hill riots. Two groups had recently become active in the area, the White Defence League (WDL) and the National Labour Party (NLP), led respectively by Colin Jordan and by Andrew Fountaine and John Bean. The WDL made no secret of the fact that it was nazi and the NLP that it was a racial nationalist group. Both used the Sun Wheel and Celtic Cross symbols. Sir Oswald Mosley's Union Movement was already established there, ably led by a local man, Jeffrey Hamm, who lived near Jordan's nazi bunker in Notting Hill.

    The 1958 murder of Kelso Cochrane, and the failure of the police to arrest anybody although the fascists openly boasted of the murder, helped build these groups' reputation for violence and raise fears among the local black and Jewish communities.

    1958 Kelso Cochrane murdered by nazi gang. Protesters marched to Downing Street

    In 1960 the WDL and NLP sunk their differences over whether they should be nazi - and openly espouse the swastika - or British racial nationalists, and formed the British National Party (BNP), not the same group as today's BNP.

    Their publications, the WDL's Black and White News and the BNP's Combat, were well funded hate sheets which targeted blacks and Jews along with the Cypriot, Irish and Maltese communities.

    Some of the leaders had started life in the League of Empire Loyalists, but Fountaine had been a parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party. Names such as John Tyndall, Jordan and Martin Webster emerged for the first time. Keen for action, the hard core formed Spearhead, an illegal paramilitary group.

    In the hot-house world of nazi politics unity never lasts long and in 1962, on the anniversary of Hitler's birth, Jordan, Tyndall and Webster formed the National Socialist Movement (NSM). They took Spearhead with them.

    Their first rally, in Trafalgar Square in 1962, ended in a riot with the speakers arrested. Before the end of the year the NSM's leaders were jailed for running Spearhead. Their militancy prompted Mosley to return to British politics with a series of failed or aborted rallies, marches and election candidacies around the country. This finally ended Mosley's political career in Britain, although he continued to set up international nazi networks abroad with top nazis including some war criminals.

    Three further trials - for a series of 34 arson attacks on Jewish buildings in London - ended in the convictions of two nazi commando groups that drew their members from the NSM and Tyndall's breakaway Greater Britain Movement (GBM). Jordan's ex-wife, the French millionairess Françoise Dior was also convicted. In the eyes of the public the nazi groups were inextricably linked with crime.

    The far right needed a new approach. Immigration was now a key issue, with the Tories publicly baying for blood and several of the Labour Party leadership urging racist immigration controls behind closed doors.

    Highly secretive men and women, often with substantial financial backing, started exploring the alternatives. They could see that the BNP was more successful than Mosley in national and local elections, so ballot box politics returned to the top of the far rights agenda.

    The mid-sixties saw the foundation of the Racial Preservation Society (RPS), made up of hard-right Tories, senior Whitehall civil servants and military personnel, a few convicted gangsters and hardline nazis. A failed prosecution under the new race relations legislation only encouraged its backers and the RPS spawned a series of regional groups.

    The Conservative Party was going through a crisis over issues such as Ian Smith's illegal declaration of independence in Rhodesia and what was seen as Edward Heath's softness towards the trade unions. This created a breeding ground of potential members for a new organisation. For two years the various far-right groups engaged in secret negotiations with a view to forming a unified party, sometimes excluding Tyndall and with no co-operation from Jordan or Mosley.

    The Monday Club, the Society for Individual Freedom and later the Anglo-Rhodesia Society became a beacon for far-right Tories and some nazis. A series of regional organisations, calling themselves Forums, formed an interface between the extreme right and right-wing Tories.

    In 1966 the far right succeeded in making a deal to set up the new party. It was a precondition that Tyndall's openly nazi and often criminal GBM was be excluded.

    The new organisation was the National Front (NF), launched in January 1967 at a rally that ended in serious violence despite huge police protection. Its constituent bodies were the League of Empire Loyalists, led by A K Chesterton, Mosley's prewar political secretary; Fountaine's BNP; the RPS and various small racist or fascist groups. Tyndall was out of the way, in prison, but within eight months the GBM with its 132 members had moved into a party with around 4,000 members and started to take it over.

    Certain symbols of the past remained although the NF hid behind the Union Flag. The party's magazine in the private ownership of Tyndall continued to carry the title Spearhead as a reminder to the national socialist hard core that they had not strayed too far from their roots.

    The NSM, which remained outside the NF, changed its name to British Movement while Jordan was in prison once again, although for a short time it retained a paramilitary inner core called the National Socialist Group (NSG), run by Dave Courtney from southeast London.

    Jordan had turned his attention to the international stage and had formed the World Union of National Socialists, together with the US nazi George Lincoln Rockwell, in the early sixties. It staggered on after Rockwell was killed by one of his own members.

    In fact nearly all the UK far-right groups had international links with overseas groups of varying strengths. While Chesterton had strong connections in white southern Africa and some members had strong European links, Tyndall began to build long-lasting links with nazi and racists in the USA.

    1968 Conservative MP Enoch Powell stirs up racial tensions with his "rivers of blood" speech

    It did not take long before the NF was able to exploit Tory disillusionment. By the end of the sixties Enoch Powell had made a series of racist speeches resulting in his expulsion from the Conservative Party by Edward Heath. Thousands of Tories with mainstream political experience flocked to the NF. Powell himself refused to join, much to Tyndall's relief.

    Figures now reveal that 64,000 people passed through the ranks of the NF during its first 12 years. The bulk of them came from the Conservative Party although the NF's voting base was disenchanted Labour voters in the major conurbations.

    Perhaps more important than any of the individual leaders of the nazi groups were the Hancock family from Sussex. They had played a major part in the formation of the RPS and the regional forums, but their main role was as printers and publishers of hard-core nazi material in Britain and internationally. Anthony Hancock's importance remains undiminished today.

    Small non-challenging groups such as the National Democratic Party, led by Dr David Brown, emerged but they were either swept away or absorbed into the mighty NF, which was rapidly becoming a household name through its violent but skilful publicity stunts orchestrated by its national activities organiser, Martin "We are kicking our way into the headlines" Webster.

    For Tyndall and his nazi crew the good times had arrived.

    1962 US nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell left with Colin Jordan centre and John Tyndall

    by Gerry Gable










    Fighting fascism in the 1960s

    A century of British fascism -- Searchlight Feature
  2. Its amazing how the far right have always turned on themselves in history and even at present.
  3. Is that it then?...........right, so, Bye.
  4. FFS Ak is a UAF troll, at last we can see the reasoning behind his warped ramblings, Strange he claims to have been a PROUD member of one of Russias virtual neo facist groups the Zapad GRU! WTF is he doing here, could it be that our welfare state is so ludicrously generous to all & sundry despite having no real reason to be here! If he claims to be an ASYLUM SEEKER dodging bullets & bombs in his native Afghanistan, why on earth didn't he just stay in Russia, its just over the border after all! But no he chose to come & sponge of us and continually moans about how nasty we all are, like so many of the other Muslim spongers! As others have said, if you dont like our country & us, you could just **** off back to your shite hole, hopefully getting blown up or shot by one of your lovely peaceful countrymen soon after, rather than pollute this site or our country with your nonsensical whinings!!
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    That AK is a troll, of that there is no doubt. But UAF? Where's the proof. Being anti-fascist/left wing doesn't make you a fellow traveller of the SWP.

    Those of us who are anti-fascist know the history of the far right in the UK (and elsewhere), it's nice, though not necessarily fruitful, that AK made his post.

    For you to expend so much vitriol Ex Colonial, says more of you (in this instance) than AK.
  6. He has claimed to be in an organisation against racism & is quoting "Searchlight" the UAF rag, his claims to be pro Russian, allegedly serving with them in Chechnya, yet chooses to come to Britain rather than seek asylum there, one only has to believe for our over generous welfare payments to his kind, where he continually criticises our actions ! Talk about biting the hand that feeds him, that is why I object to his presence in OUR country!
    As for being anti facist, I'm afraid the neo extreme left are just as Facist in their actions as the Nazi's were! If you think my anger is misplaced then you really do need a reality check! Our country is bankrupt, has become overcrowded with our infrastructure stretched to the breaking point & beyond by the criminally insane actions of the last government and you try to defend a creature who is part of the problem rather than seek to address the problem! It is because of the blinkered acceptance by people like yourself of the last 14 years or so of corrupt ineptitude on the part of our govt that we are in such a mess!
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    My but you're angry.

    AK is a troll. I (and probably the rest of the Arrse community - if there is such a thing) take his claims to have been a fighter in Chechnya with a pinch of salt, and his time in the GRU with a bigger one.

    Truth be told, he's probably never served with anyone, been no further from the UK Border than Felixstowe, and lives at home with his mum.

    It wouldn't surprise me to find that he's using his bosses broadband to connect to ARRSE and that he's not claiming benefits.

    In other words, he's pandering to all of your, and others, prejudices to make (a) himself look silly, and (b) the right look sillier.

    As for needing "a reality check" I don't think that I need one. The UK is not overcrowded, infrastructure is not about to fall over.

    If the actions of the previous govermment were illegal, why have not those responsible been arraigned? I could argue that the destruction of the UK's manufacturing base from 1979 onwards (yes the "blessed Thatch") was criminal in that communities all over the North(ish) of England (and Wales, and Scotland) suddenly found that for reasons outwith their control, they had no jobs/communities/local infrastructure.

    You don't like the left - that much is obvious - but for those of us that are of the left, Fascism (there's an additional "s" that you missed") is there to be fought.

    Our Grandparents lost their lives doing that. Come to that your's might have done so too.
  8. Sorry but I grew up in the industrial north, from a family of miners, hauliers etc.
    It wasn't Thatcher that killed British industry (although she isn't entirely innocent) it was the unions.
    I watched Scargill take on Thatcher when he had the sure and certain knowledge that it was his right to decide on who governed this country, he wasn't even sly about it. It was his stated aim.
    The trouble is that towns with interdependent industries like coal, steel, iron mining, shipbuilding (and a whole host of others) suffered a domino effect, once the coal stopped being mined the realted industries were on borrowed time

    The Unions killed British heavy industry.

  9. So, is it all another Jewish conspiracy?
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Not as true as you remember.

    I too lived in the North as all of those communities were killed off.

    Thatcher came in with an agenda that the unions were to be killed. Everything that Scargill said would happen to the mining communities if they lost, did.

    I saw a whole generation lost, not because they didn't apply themselves at school, but because everything that they had been taught was theirs; was stolen.
  11. Thatcher came in with an agenda that the unions were to be killed. Everything that Scargill said would happen to the mining communities if they lost, did.

    My father, both grandfathers and their respective brothers were all miners. I come from a Mining family and from Durham. The miners were right to strike in 74 when Heath decided to make an example of them after giving into the car workers. He picked the wrong mob. As for the miners, Joe Gormley, Scargill's predeccesor, held three ballots on strike action prior to his takeover, and each NATIONAL ballot failed. When Scargill (devoted Communist that he is) took over, he tried a ballot and failed. What he did next, was have a ballot in Yorkshire, where the miners voted to strike. He then sent the flying pickets to other pitheads which set themselves up as OFFICIAL NUM pickets which union members wouldn't cross, thus starting the national strike. Scargill NEVER had a mandate, he screwed his members, yet is hailed by the lefties and others with the myth that he predicted the pit closures and they happened. Many pits would have still been open for years if not for that self-centered b#####d and a weak Labour Party under Neil Pillock. As one Union leader commented,'Arthur went into the strike with a small house and a big union, and finished with a big house and a small union'. He is currently in dispute over having a rent free place in London being paid for by the union, despite having his Jag etc. Another champagne Socialist along the lines of his friends in the Kremlin. Use the workers, reap the benifits.
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  12. The Unions had to be Killed. They were killing the country, holding a gun to its head. We were the 'sick man of Europe' because of them, not MT. And you display typical Northern myopia, and forget Betteshanger down South, that community too, disappeared. As for Ex Colonials post, he says nothing controversial, and your reply betrays your sympathies clearly. AK makes out with more political persuasions than either of us can keep up with. As to the OP's point, well.........what was the point? That a small, very very small group of people held distasteful views before during and since the 60's is hardly news, I would prefer to focus on the vast vast majority of my countrymen and our allies in the Empire and across the world that fought against tyranny and sacrificed much to defeat it.
  13. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I don't disagree with what you have said, but I do (wholeheartedly) disagree with the view Thatcher and her governments were right to condemn communities and a generation of young people who had nothing but themselves to offer employers.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    If you're interested in the history of the post-War far right, see if you can get yourself a copy of Martin Walker's "National Front". It's an old book, so probably long out of print, but I do remember it being authoritative. Interestingly, Walker was the Moscow correspondent for the Guardian back then and he did an article (late 1980s) on the rise of a neo-Nazi movement in what was still a communist Soviet Union.
  15. Market forces and Self interested Union bosses, Scargill for example killed the Mines and thier communities years before thier time. Had Scargill not picked a fight with the wrong person, redundancies could have been managed and people retrained in dribs and drabs. The strike caused wholesale job losses and pit closures, that exascerbated the situation for all concerned. The 'myth' of Thatcher's harrying of the North is just that, a myth, it was done to you by your own kind, a Northern 'working' man. How much easier to blame the middle class grocers daughter from Grantham, than face the truth, the betrayl of a community and way of life by one of your own.